Saturday, 17 May 2014

House of Fraser, Red Carpet Style : Red lips? : I won!

I've just updated this little post to let you lovely little cheekies know that I won this competition!  Quite literally, I never win anything so this email came as the biggest shock ever and I couldn't stop smiling, hence the exclamation marks!!  A huge thank you to +House of Fraser and I shall keep you all posted with the goodies which I pick up!  Now back to the original post ...  But yes, thank you!! 

The other day I received an email from a lovely lady at House of Fraser informing me know of a competition they currently have running, 'What's your red carpet style?', we can dream, we can dream...  How to enter?  Simple, using your current beauty gems pick out those you would use if you were to be on the red carpet to slap on to your face, that's the tricky bit!  Then simply state which item, whether it be makeup, jewellery, clothing or perfume you couldn't go without that can be purchased from House of Fraiser.  Write your blog post and send a link to  The winner, well that lucky winner gets a whopping £100 HOF voucher.  For more details click here.  

So here we have it, after many hours sitting staring at my Muji boxes and drawers hoping my 'favourites' will pop out at me, they didn't, the results are in ... In advance, I apologise for the longer post, I got carried away and have taken you through the whole schbang, grab a cup of tea...
Now we're on to the more fun bits and bobs, the makeup and their brushes, not a requirement but brushes always have me intrigued. I opted for a glowing complexion with a minimalist eye allowing full focus on a bright but deep luscious red lipstick.  Recently I absolutely loved Blake Lively at the Mr Turner premier at Cannes and freaking loved her warm glow, that's an inspiration right there.  So here's my take on a glowy finish with an added pop of colour, afterall, who doesn't love a red lippy?!

Primer - I would use 2 primers, Laura Mercier to be used all over the face and neck, topped up with a little bit of L'Oreal Skin Perfector to pop just over those areas where pesky pores are more visible, nose, chin, forehead.  Tool of choice - for this we get stuck in with our fingers.  (Laura Mercier available from HOF).

Base - I am a big fan of that glowing fresh faced look, so to get this I would mix together a spot of Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow and the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in shade 4.  Tool of choice - Sigma F80 - Flat Top Kabuki brush, which is just incredible!  It manages to leave with a completely flawless base, how?  I really don't know, but this beast works wonders!

Eye primer - Urban Decay Priming Potion, without a doubt one of the best eyeshadow primers I have ever used.  It quite literally locks that eyeshadow to your lids for a ridiculously long time!  As you'll see from the picture below, mine has been well used, but I've had it for nearly a year, it lasts forever!

Eye shadow - Automatically I reached for Charlotte Tilbury's Golden Goddess eyeshadow palette which comprises of the most beautiful colours ever, they're just beautiful.  As I'm going for a strong lip the eyes we're going to add a pop of colour to but not overload them, we can't detract from that lip! It's like the legs/chest rule, it's one or the other, lips or eyes...  To the inner corners of my eye and just beneath the brow bone I would apply Mac loose pigment in the shade Vanilla.  Tools of choice - I would use the Sigma E60, Large Shader, to apply the lightest colour across the whole lid, then the Mac 217 to give that pop of colour in the socket.  Then by taking a Sigma E30, Pencil Brush, pop the brown colour under the bottom lash line.  The Mac pigment, can be a tadge messy, but is easily applied using a Real Techniques Shading Brush.

Eyeliner - Charlotte Tilbury, Elizabeth Violet, one of the latest shades added to her line and I cannot get enough of it, no really I can't.  These eyeliners literally don't budge so would withstand a long wear, which you would want at a Red Carpet event.  The added pop of a beautiful Violet just adds that extra summint summint to your eyes.  I would also add Eye Cheat by Charlotte Tilbury on the upper and lower lash line to brighten up those eyes.  Tools used - Real Techniques Accent Brush, it's the bees knees for smudging out I kid you not ...

Mascara - Before applying mascara I would curl my lashes using the Kevin Aucoin lash curlers, which I just think are the bombdiggidy of curlers!  Once that lovely curl has been achieved I would pop on lashings of Charlotte Tilburys Full Fat Lashes to the top lashes, just devine, and the Clinque, Bottom Lash Mascara, to those baby lower lashes, which works absolute wonders to opening up your eyes.  (Clinique available from HOF).

Concealer - I would use Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector, in Light Bisque, just around the nose first to provide a magical base that helps to eliminate that annoying redness, then pop on Nars, Creamy Concealer, in Custard.  Tool of choice - I would use my fingers to apply the colour corrector and then go in with a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush to blend out Nars.  (Bobbi Brown available from HOF).

Brows - Benefit, Gimme Brows, in Light/Medium.  Which just sets my already rather large eyebrows in place.  This stuff doesn't even let one stray out of place, not even to go and visit the other.  (Available from HOF).

Powder - Mac, Mineralise Skinfinish Natural powder in Light Plus.  I would only apply this to set my concealer, to my T-Section and my chin as we want to keep that glowing finish achieved from the base.  Tool of choice - Real Techniques Setting Brush.  (Mac, available from HOF). 

Bronzer - Clarins Colours of Brazil, Summer Bronzing Compact, which gives the most beautiful golden glow to your face as well as adding definition to those cheek bones.  Tools of choice - I use the Real Techniques Powder Brush to pop this on my temples, round the sides of my face and under my jaw line, whilst using the Sigma Large Contour Brush to get those cheek bones to make an appearance!  (Clarins available from HOF).

Blusher - With the lip being the focal point we want to keep the cheeks looking flushed but not too vibrant, therefore this cream blush from Bobbi Brown in Fresh Melon (Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks) was my automatic choice.  Tool of choice - For cream blushes I prefer to use my fingers to allow for a precise application to those apples.  (Available from HOF).

Highlighter - This was one of the easiest to pick from, Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold, which just adds the most beautiful shimmer to those cheekbones, t-zone and just above that cupids bow.  Tool of choice - Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter.

Lips - Charlotte Tilbury (Kiss 'n' Tell) lip cheat liner followed by one of the most stunning reds in my collection, Chanel Rouge Allure, Coromando, 59.  (Chanel available from HOF).  

Setting Spray - I would follow everything up with Urban Decays All Nighter Setting Spray, which I freaking love.  It manages to hold everything in place for more hours than anyone needs!

Finally, we come to the ultimate purchase which I wouldn't attend any Red Carpet without from HOF, My Elie Saab Eau De Parfum.  To those of who you know me this shall come as no surprise, it is my absolutely favourite fragrance of all time.  You can even get mini hand portable top up sprays to pop in your handbag for when you're on the go... bazinga!  Hiding a fruity floral orange blossom scent, this really is one thing I never leave the house without, especially if you were off to a red carpet event.  Really, I cannot even think of words to describe this perfume other than, magical, enchanting and extraordinary.  It's one that can be used all year round and the scent actually lasts, there's no spraying and it fading quickly.

Now here's all that makeup plopped on to my face...

And finally, to those curls, they're the easiest and quickest part possible.  Grab that Paul Hill curling wand and wrap that hair around it, yes yes that simple, it does the work for you!  Run your fingers through all the curls to break them up, spritz a bit of hairspray, my choice TRESemm√© Touchable Finish.  This hairspray is as light as a feather that leaves no sticky feeling at all, but manages to hold everything in place ridonculously well, really well!  Finally, I do have incredibly thick hair, so why the thickening spray?  That is because with thick hair you get flat roots due to the weight and this Oribe spray is just magical.  Extra oomph is instantly given, which yes, also keeps that added volume for a crazy amount of time.

There we have is folks, my Red Carpet look..!



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