Friday, 21 February 2014

Charlotte Tilbury : Light Wonder Foundation \ Review

Charlotte Tilbury's makeup, where do we even start?  For this post we shall discuss her incredible Light Wonder Foundation which leaves your skin looking effortlessly flawless whilst feeling wonderfully light.

Charlotte Tilbury has created a light-weight formulation foundation which provides exceptional light-medium coverage, without leaving your skin looking cakey.

I have been using this foundation since roughly November 2013 and have fallen in love with it.  This is definitely in my top 3 foundations out there!  As well as providing an exceptional finish, it manages to reduce the visibility of those pesky pores and cover any imperfections such as redness.  Really, magical product alert should be inserted right here.

There is also a very impressive 10 shades in the Light Wonder Foundation range for a starting brand.  Rather shockingly, with my fair skin I wasn't even the lightest shade, instead I colour matched at shade 3.  Needless to say, it matches perfectly to my natural skin tone.

As you can tell, at the moment, there is no tan on my body, I'm stripped down, leaving my skin feeling naked!  

The finish itself is fairly matte but it does have a reflecting aspect to it which leaves your skin looking slightly dewy.  

You can see in the image below the foundation on my hand.  This shows how the foundation looks and that beautiful dewiness which appears.

On the top of the tube you will find a narrow nozzle where the foundation appears.  This narrow gap allows for precise appellation on to your hand or area of choice, eliminating unnecessary wastage.

The formulation of the foundation, that's a mouthful, is brilliant.  Not only is it lightweight but it offers SPF15, always a bonus when it comes to foundations.  Containing botanical alternatives to retinol which basically means collagen production is given that kick-start to delay the onset of wrinkles, let's all use this!  The perfect base for your foundation to sit on is right there. 

Light Wonder has fantastic staying power, really, if you didn't want to use a powder to make sure your foundation is set, you don't have to.  You'll find at the end of the day, it'll still be in place.  Even after a pretty busy workout at the gym, it'll still be there needing to be removed as normal.  This could be down to the fact that the foundation is oil free, so it doesn't gradually slide off your face throughout the day.

Whilst the Charlotte Tilbury website states this is for dry, normal or combination skin types, I can only say that for me, 'normal' skin, this falls bang on.  It sits beautifully.  

It was a bit of a pain trying to take this photo's as the light just never seemed right, so after a while this was the outcome ...

If you fancy giving this foundation a try, I would firstly recommend going to your nearest Selfridges store to be colour matched.  It can be difficult to pick a shade just from reading a review or taking a browse of swatches and at £32 per bottle you don't want to get this wrong.  Check out the Charlotte Tilbury website to get an idea of your colour then, go get yourself colour matched to double check.  


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