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Charlotte Tilbury : Beach Sticks - Ooohh la la

+Charlotte Tilbury, do I really need to type this, most probably my favourite makeup brand out there, and one of the most incredible women out there.  When those Beach Sticks hit the market I was straight out there, getting carried away and before I knew it, all 5 ended up in my basket ... #noregrets yes I did just hashtag in a blogpost.  

Available in 5 shades we have Moon Beach, Las Salinas, Ibiza, Es Vedra and Formentera, each costing £30 available from the Charlotte Tilbury website these are a necessity for you next collection!

The 5 shades are 'inspired by the unique lighting, golden sands and bronzed goddesses of Ibiza'.  Designed to be applied to both your cheeks and lips, these beach sticks are a duel purpose cream formula which for me, has been the best makeup launch so far in 2014.  Each have glowing pigments which help to radiate and brighten your face, and that they really do!

When it comes to Summer makeup, I definitely prefer using creams on my face.  Not only do they last longer on my skin, they look a lot more natural and can be applied in seconds with your fingers, no hassle, no mess.  Did I forget to mention that they build with no product gathering too?  Heck yes, they do!  You've read enough of my talking (typing), let's get down to the good stuff with each shade...

Moon Beach - An absolutely stunning 'luminous, rose-gold, 70's iridescent peach, inspired by the mesmerising light of Moon Beach.'  I absolutely love using this shade for a non-makeup look, giving that touch of colour to your cheeks whilst providing that natural luminescence.  It's also great, great, great, for using as a highlighter on the high points of your face.

Las Salinas - A stunning pretty pink colour which gives your cheeks that light flushed appearance.  The light reflecting pigments make this shade just instantly remind me of being by the beach and seeing peoples cheeks just as they step in to the sun.  When these first arrived, this shade I wore literally every day for a few weeks, it took me, and made me feel like I had been in the sun even when I hadn't!

Ibiza - Without a doubt this is the most used Beach Stick in my collection, it is just B-E-A-UTIFUL!!  A golden bronze which gives that ultimate beach bronzed Ibiza look.  I love to apply this on those high points and to contour wherever needs be on my face.  The results are like no other, believe me, powder bronzers have now got a lot to live up to and a lot of competition!  At the bottom of this post I'll insert a picture with the before and after of using this gem.

Formentera - What can only be describe as a 'sun-kissed berry' delight!  A bronzed pigment with a red undertone this is perfect for using as both a bronzer and a contour shade.  Whilst in the tube it might look similar or the same as Ibiza, tryst me, it is a lot deeper and more rich in colour.

Es Vedra - Another favourite of mine, which I absolutely adore now and again, regularly wear on a day to day basis now is this fabulous creation.  I tell no lies, at first glance, it did take me a few weeks to explore this on my facial area.  It's extremely strong pigmentation somewhat scared me to use this as a blusher.  However, how wrong can one person be?  It is in fact the most beautiful coral shade you'll find, giving you that stunning sun flushed appearance.  You need the smallest amount to get that colour pop, use a lot and on my skin tone, well, let's just not go there shall we?

Now we've gone through all 5, here's the swatches, from left to right we have Ibiza, Formentera, Es Vedra, Las Salinas and Moon Beach.

The formula of these Beach Sticks is what can only be described as pure genius.  They are extremely creamy which just means they blend like a dream.  You don't need to rub them in immediately as they don't dry straight away, saying this I wouldn't leave them for half an hour or so ...  Another winning point for these is how they don't emphasise pores at all and that's all with thanks to the Ceramidone.  A magical ingredient which not only is meant to plump out your skin but means that it doesn't just sit on the skin, instead it gives that flawless appearance.  A factor I completely agree with!  Oh yes, the staying power, incredible, need I really make this tick list any longer ...

Here we have it, my minute makeup, a before, during and after using Ibiza and Es Vedra:




Annnd a before and after adding Es Vedra to my cheeks:



You may have noticed I haven't mentioned the lip performance of these, that's because I can sum that up in one simple statement.  They work as well they do on your cheeks, a freaking dream!  Creamy, blend well and have pretty impressive longevity.

Overall, I cannot rave about these anymore, they are just beyond marvellous!!  With a shade to suit absolutely any skin tone I couldn't recommend enough for you to go and check these out.


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