Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The makeup brushes everyone needs : Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set

Makeup brushes as well as makeup are drastically taking over my dressing area at the moment and the latest to take pride of place are just stunningly beautiful.  The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set, available here for €58.00 consisting of 8 amazing brushes.

I don't mean to be that little naughty scoundrel on your shoulder, but no matter how many brushes you have, these can't go missed!
 The 8 incredible rose gold brushes are :

106 Powder (face)
102 Silk Finish (face)
110 Face Shape (face)
127 Luxe Sheer Cheek (face)
Concealer 142 Buffer (face)
227 Sof Definer (eyes)
231 Petit Crease (eyes)
317 Wing Liner (eyes)

As you can see, an absolutely dreamy collection of brushes which cover ever area of your face and for €58 this is an absolutely barrrrrrry-ar-gain!

Not only do you get the 8 brushes but you also get this incredible brown travel pouch which means your brushes won't get damaged if you take them on your travels.  They have their own secure little suitcase!

Zoeva brushes are a combination of natural and synthetic fibres which mean they are an absolute dream for blending and applying makeup to your facial area.  Annnd, their density, each brush is packed with bristles which I've found to give the most flawless yet natural finish.  Really, do you need anything else to make these appear on your dresser?!  I freaking adore them!

A combination of rose gold/makeup brushes, it's like a match made in heaven which now make my brush set look utterly ravishing, if I do say so myself...!



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