Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tame and treat your hair this Summer with L'Oreal Professionnel, Unite and Bumble and bumble

Summer weather is definitely in full swing in the UK so far, although by the time this is published who knows what could be happening outside!  With that said, looking after your hair is extremely important, it doesn't need any extra damage caused, and let's be honest, you don't want to have straw locks at this time of the year.

Here's my three top products to keep your locks silky soft and behaving throughout the day, L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Oil (Colour Glow Oil), Unite 7 Seconds Condition and Bumble and bumble defrizz.

Available from Feel Unique at £13.60, you'll find this lasting a lifetime, about half a year, and the difference it'll make to your hair is amazing!  L'Oreal Professionnel Mythic Colour Glow Oil, you did good!  A blend of linseed and cranberry oil this is nothing but a saviour for any colour treated hair, come rain or shine.

The word oil generally scares people, but fear not, this oil is beyond lightweight, feather weight, which leaves your locks luscious, smooth and the silkiest you could ever imagine.  Another bonus, it contains UV filters and with this sunshine, this just adds to the haircare tick list!

How do you use?  Simples, just before you go to blow dry your hair, pop a few pumps in your hands then rub through your hair.  The amount you pump out depends on your hair type, for me, I have very thick but fine hair so find around 2 pumps to be brilliant with 1 when dry.  Focus on the ends first before running the excess through the lengths of your hair and then voila!  If you feel you want a bit of extra nourishment then pop one extra squirt through once dry.

Next up is Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner, available from Urban Retreat at £16.90 for 236ml this product is now a holy grail of mine.  If you're looking for that ultimate potion which can both detangle and leave your hair feeling like silk then look no further.  It couldn't be easier to use if it tried either, winner winner chicken dinner.

First of all, getting a brush through my thick locks once washed is a challenge no one should have to face and now I don't have to anymore!  Just before you go to brush your hair spray this through sections of wet hair, leave for a few seconds, grab your tangle teaser and boom, that's right, boom, it'll glide straight through leaving no teary eyes!  Quite frankly, a hair life saviour for anyone with tangle prone hair...

Last but not least, from Bumble and bumble we have defrizz, available from Look Fantastic at £22.50 for 125ml.  For those of you who have hair, like mine, which works in wild and mysterious ways, such as expanding foam, this has recently saved my hair from embarrassment and from growing outwards throughout the day.

All you need do is pop a small blob in to your hands and rub through the body/ends on to wet hair before drying.  How does it work you ask?  The answer, of course, it's simple, this beautiful liquid is a light emulsion which coats the hair creating a barrier against humidity and generally helps to control flyaway/frizz prone hair.  Don't be scared though, it won't coat your hair in any way which leaves it feeling heavy, greasy or oily.  Instead it leaves your hair feeling smooth, controlled and even looking incredibly shiny!

That's it folks, my three haircare Summer saviours, which not only control but leave your hair silky smooth ready for that glorious sunshine.

Do you have any haircare saviours?  Let me know in the comments below because I'd love to try them out!



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