Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lush : Mint Julips

Lip scrubs, until last week I thought they were all a fad, scrubbing your lips?  I mean it sounds somewhat painful and is it actually necessary?  Having heard such rave reviews about those from Lush, and the fact that I do have fairly large lips, I thought it only essential to finally give one a go, especially with summer around the corner think of those lipsticks! 

Quite literally a 'lip smacking cocktail', this will have you wanting to either grab a spoon or scrub your lips at least a million times a day.  But does it really get rid of that icky dead skin?

Working in an air-conditioned office all day means my lips do tend to get dray quite quickly, lip balm is an essential desk tool.  Finally, I bit the bullet and jumped on to the lip scrub train, and boy oh boy, was it a worthy stop.

I opted for Mint Julip from Lush, a mint chocolate scrub which buffers all that unwanted rubbish lingering on your lips.

The instructions?  Couldn't be easier.  Pop your finger in the pot to get some delicious sugary potion on board.  Then gently, massage it in your lips, I use circular motions, whether or not this makes a difference I'm no pro but it helps me more.  Whilst you won't feel it, this scrub shall delicately be loosening and removing any extra skin on your lip, sounds horrid but tastes incredible!

Next comes the absolute best part about this, obviously if you're lips aren't peeling to the max otherwise this could be a little stomach churning, you can lick the scrub off your lips.  My gosh, it tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip, no jokes, identical.

But is it really worth it?  My answer is most definitely and why I have only just invested in this is beyond me!  Your lips shall be left feeling incredibly smooth and ready for your favourite lip balm to be lacquered on top.

Mint Julips is available for £5.50 each, you'll find this pot lasts you a while, even with me using this twice a week, this is lasting pretty darn well.  Lush, you get a big thumbs up from me!  I'm now ready for those bright lipsticks to be plastered all over my lips ... ! 


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