Monday, 12 May 2014

Smashbox : Photo Finish Hydrating Primer

Smashbox is a brand which I haven't really explored until now and I want to delve deeper! Primers are something intriguing, when finding that right one is crucial for that makeup longevity to be improved.  Introducing Smashbox, Photo Finish Hydrating Primer.

Claiming to give your complexion a moisture boost while creating a perfect canvas for foundation, let's see if this lives up to do magical wonders!

Smashbox primers come in all colours, this one however, is blue, just look for the blue.  The packaging is brilliant, a plastic tube with a rather precise applicator to minimise waste.

You literally need a pea sized amount of this and it will cover you face, easy as pie.  There's no need to use a 10p amount, you'll just find it sitting on your face, sitting and waiting for you to swipe it off.

On your fingers you will notice it feels different to other primers, well it certainly did for me.  That 'hydrating' aspect means this primer has the consistency of almost a moisturiser.  Don't worry, it isn't going to just slip and slide off your face.  It sits beautifully on your skin and you can instantly feel it cooling and fuelling your skin.

My makeup sat beautifully on top of this primer, it didn't make it slide around despite the extra hydrating booster.  Instead, it just made the base sit that little bit better.

Setting me back £8.75 (I got this from Bicester where it was a bit cheaper than the usual £12.50), for a travel sized tube (12ml / 0.4 fl), it is expensive.  However for trial purposes I would rather have spent this than purchase the whole tube and then find out it wasn't what I wanted, although it kinda did give that extra moisture burst.  I would say this primer is best for those with dry/combination skin as it does hydrate the skin so would work well over those drier patches.  Saying this, I have pretty normal skin and just felt it just gave me an extra bit of moisture whilst acting as a primer.  For those with oily skin however, I would probably avoid this as it will just add extra moisture which isn't required.

Would I repurchase?  Although it did give that extra bit of moisture to my skin and did create a wonderful canvas for my foundation it didn't tick a few other boxes, for example, it didn't help to conceal those bigger pores on around my nose, 'dem pores.  Despite



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