Saturday, 10 May 2014

Chanel UV Essentiel

As my daily moisturiser has now been discontinued from Clarins, sad sad face, which contained my SPF, I stumbled across this, Chanel UV Essentiel.  

Stumbled, yes stumbled, as I went to the Chanel counter for the new Lumière Velvet Foundation and instead ended up making 2 other impulse purchases.  An eye cream (I had just ran our of my Clarins one) and this suncream.  Basically, this was a non-researched product so the test could go one of two ways!
Available in 3 protection levels, SPF 20, 30 and 50+, with my skin tone, hair colour and hoping to prevent early everything, obviously opted for 50+!

Described as being 'his lightweight sunscreen, specially formulated for the face, offers a range of protection levels to suit any lifestyle.'  it certainly is.  The suncream itself should be the last thing to be applied to your face after your morning skincare routine and is extremely watery.  This makes it extremely blendable over your face and to be honest, I don't even notice I've added an extra step to my morning routine.

One thing to mention is the colour of the suncream and the formulation.  This suncream is white, we're talking white white white, and has an almost sheen to it.  This can help to give your face that healthy glow appearance beneath your usual base.  So if you prefer a matte look, then this can give that extra pop of a glow that shines through.  Personally, this finish is something I love.  Once rubbed in to your skin though the white colour disappears and just leaves you with a beautiful barrier from those bad and naughty rays.

A good note is that despite it being placed underneath your foundation, it does not leave your face feeling sticky or tacky.  It dries incredibly quickly and I found my base to glide across the Chanel UV Essentiel with utter ease.

The packaging is also something which had my eyes turning in to hearts.  Despite being rather simple and plain, it has a pearlescent finish and being plastic means it is incredibly travel friendly.  You can just throw this in your bag and touch up throughout the day if needed, especially when the sun has his hat on.

Even the nozzle, similar to those from VA and VP allows you to squeeze out just the right amount, and you don't need a lot to cover that pretty face of yours.

I've now been using this for just over 4 weeks I think, everyday and I absolutely love this product.  Considering it was an impulse buy, which I thought I would regret, it turned out to be a saving grace.  Priced at £41.00 from Selfridges this is a costly purchase but it does seem to be lasting me a very long time.  I shall however be keeping my eye out for a slightly cheaper alternative for summer days when top ups throughout the day will be needed.



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