Sunday, 10 August 2014

July favourites : Unveiled

Who can actually believe it?  July is over and August is here, do you know where 2014 is flying too?!  Let's kick this badboy off with my July favourites, you may have noticed the absence of June's, truth be told I didn't have many so here's a combo of 2 months.  Now that's 2 for the price of 1 little post ...

Clarins, Hydraquench Cream - This has been my absolute saviour the past few months.  Working in an office where our aircon is rather broken and where the windows don't open you find about twenty million fans, okay maybe a slight exaggeration but there's a lot, working like hamsters in wheels trying to keep us cool.  Which although is awesome, the fans just suck all the life out of my skin and each night this just puts everything back in, effortlessly, no grease no residue.  In the morning, my skin looks better than ever, feels hydrated and is boomtingaling ready for the day ahead!  Winning!

Tarte, Lights, Camera, Lashes Statement Mascara - Where oh where has this mascara been?  Aside from in the UK...  Tarte products are sold on QVC, but only a small selection.  On a recent Sephora Haul, if you want to see more then just let me know below, this was one of those gems.  Lordy lords of mascaras, Tarte, you did more than good, amazeballs in fact.  Eyelashes, separated, lengthened and one more great thing, it doesn't budge all freaking day!  In the evenings you'll find yourself wondering how it'll be removed, I find my holy grail from Clarins to be the best option!  Oh and if you're wondering, yes this definitely passes the gym test!

Tarte Amazonian Clay blusher, Tipsy- Tarte have been blowing me away this month, this blusher quite frankly does make me blush, it is that good!  Tipsy is a beautiful coral that adds that hint of a natural flush to your cheeks.  Perfect for those summer months, it is highly pigmented, fine, not cakey and latest a rather long time!  Let's just say, there shall be a fair few more entering my blush collection in the near future...

Marc Jacobs Bronzing Powder - WOW, just breathe and type.  Could this be my favourite new bronzer of all time?  It could just be!  It isn't too orange and just gives that perfect matte shade for a jaw dropping contouring or even adding a slight warmth to the face.  Again, this doesn't look cakey, lasts all day and man alive, to mention the packaging.  Devine, spectacular and sleek.  Not to mention, the mirror.  Could this get even better?!  Although it might be rather large in size, this does put a lot of bronzers under a lot of pressure, can you feel them quivering in their cases?  Wibble wobble ...

L'OrĂ©al Professionnel Mythic Oil Colour Glow Oil - Putting oils in your hair can seem scary, but not when it comes to this beautiful liquid from L'Oreal.  My hair hasn't felt as nourished, silky, nor looked as glossy for a very long time!  Applied either to your hair when damp before blowdrying or once dry run through the ends, this product works wonders to those hair strands.

Charlotte Tilbury, Golden Goddess Eyeshadow Palette - A product I've revisited and boy oh boy, I can hear the bells ringing.  Ding dong ding dong!  These are beautifully creamy, apply so easily (with no fallout), and blend, better than you could ever imagine.  No really, all of Charlotte's eyeshadows are heartwarming.  They don't budge, last, don't smudge or bleed whilst defining the eyes perfectly.

Body Shop Body Sorbet, Moringa - Putting my beloved Body Butter's down is a big step, I use them everyday, but with a new product out it was definitely time to give it a go.  These have won me!  Fuelled with goodness, they absorb in to the skin incredibly quickly leaving no residue, no grease just moisturised skin.  They're flipping amazing!  The scents too have me seeing hearts in front of my eyes, that leave you wanted to smell your skin all day long.  There is one tiny thing I noticed about this gemstone which did put me back to my body butter though...for some reason it broke down my fake tan, unlike the body butters.  Strange I know, but I've got a bottle of this stuff and there's no way it's going to waste!

And so, that's it for another month folks and I already spy a few favourites appearing, we're only in the first week of August!  Get ready people, get ready!



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