Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Skincare for the day : Revealed

I've wanted to do this post for a while, and a recent #bbloggers chat just reminded me to finally to pen down everything!  For me, skincare is the one thing I am willing to spend a bit more money on than makeup, if it works, afterall it is going to fuelling my skin with goodness, or it should be.  Saying this, that doesn't mean that the more money you spend the better the product is.  The key to buying skincare is, time, research and if you can, sample.  Here we have it, my daytime skincare routine!


I recently posted a comment in the #bbloggers chat held on Twitter, 'Don't be afraid to invest in skincare.  Look what junk food does to us, think of your skin.  Take time, research and sample.'  Something I completely stand by.  Through research we all know that if we eat lots of junk food it is bad for us but without doing this research we don't know why, and no matter the cost of your skincare you should definitely do some or a lot of research before purchasing as we don't want anything that goes on our face daily to be wrong for your skin, that would be sad times!  I've definitely not done my research before, impulse purchased and not been blown away, as you'll see below...

My skintype is sensitive/normal so I tend to use those which aren't going to upset my skin/get samples first.  For example, Benefit's skincare completely broke me out after buying the full schbang, absolute DOH! moment, since then, samples are key for me!

Clarins One Step Facial Cleanser - In the morning, there's no room for porkypies, I'm always in a rush so a product that can speed up cleansing and toning, I'm winning!  This solves all my problems with one simple shake to mix everything up and then the use of a cotton pad.  It simply removes any lurking impurities whilst leaving your skin refreshed and clean, ready for the day.  Once more, there's no need for a toner afterwards, boom!!

Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux - Now this is my impulse purchase which just left me shocked.  Eye creams I always find that difficult to get right, but I thought I had hit the nail on the head with this having spoke to the lady for a very long time about it.  After time,  I realised this rather expensive product was definitely not the one for me.  Whilst yes it does cool my eyes, for me, I haven't found it 'eye-changing', and not as moisturising as I had hoped.  Needless to say, I'm nearly at the end of the tube and have something on the way to me now ... and yes, I did a lot of research this time!

The Body Shop, Nutriganics Smoothing Serum - I absolutely love this gem for many reasons.  It makes my skin oh so smooth, helps makeup just glide on my skin and most definitely perks up my skin on even the dullest days.  This has become a 'must-have' product for me and now I shall not be without it!  The Body Shop often have fantastic offers on too, so this is well worth waiting until a few things take your fancy and making the most of these!

No 7 Protect & Perfect Serum - This I use sometimes in the morning on areas where I would like to help prevent those pesky wrinkles from appearing.  I know we can't fight them off forever, but we're never too young to start right...?!  I have found this to be completely doing it's job when used, where those faint lines were starting to appear, it has definitely ironed them out a bit, whether this be all in my mind or not, I think they look so much better and more discreet.  My skin is also more radiant and alive with it, so far, big loving!

Clarins Daily Energizer Lotion - My holy grail moisturiser which has now been discontinued, sob sob sob.  I'm on my last bottle of this jar of utter goodness and am squeezing out every single pump I can get my hands on!  In the meantime I am researching on a new one, it's proving to be quite a chore!  Do you have any suggestions with a daily moisturiser, let me know below, I'd love to hear your suggestions, insert any smiley emoji in your imagination...

Chanel UV Essentiel - An SPF I have grown to love for those days when I feel a little more sun protection is needed.  It adds almost a dewy finish to your skin which looks beautiful under your primer/skin base, if you like that dewy glow this is a winner!  Another bonus, it doesn't conflict with my makeup one tiny bit, everything sits as normal and lasts just as long as usual.  I am however towards the end of this absolute gem and have seen an incredible version from Soap & Glory, a brand I've grown to adore, so instead of repurchasing I'm going to give this a shot!  Have any of you got any favourite SPF's which don't affect your makeup?

So there we have it folks, my skincare routine for the day, revealed.  Stay tuned for a post later all about my evening routine, I have to say this can change a lot more than my daytime routine...!  



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