Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Disappointing Products : Take 1

Bloggers, it's what we do, throw products around, not literally as that could be quite messy, and share with your our thoughts, whether good or bad on them.  So, for a change I'm going to share with you 5 products which I wasn't blown away by and left me feeling with that little empty space of hmph.  That's right, welcome the D-word, which means we run, hide and pull a blanket over our heads...

As you can see there's a few from Mac, Rimmel, Bourjois and Collection 2000, now let's cut to the chase on these not-so-gems...

Mac, At Dusk from their Magnetic Nude collection, a dirty pink blush with just that hint of shimmer.  This blush just makes me want to add pink food colouring to it, not a bad idea aside from sticky cheeks...  This blusher just lacks pigmentation on my skin tone, drastically, it doesn't even really add any colour whatsoever, get out that magnifying glass upon application.  I was really shocked by this as recently I have grown a love relationship with Mac and have absolutely fallen for a lot of their products, but this particular collection did nothing but break my heartstrings, get out the mini violins...  On those with fairer skin this may show up, but I have an incredibly fair complexion and it was nowhere to be seen!

Rimmel, Wake Me Up Concealer, offering full coverage to mask those under eye circles whilst managing to wake them up and offering an answer to blemishes.  Being blessed with vampire like skin this means dark circles are something are something which deserve their own 'hello'!  This is creamy but not think and to be honest was something I rarely reach to for concealing.  Available in only 4 shades, this is extremely difficult to blend and actually I think offers little coverage.  The lack of coverage then makes you add more, which subsequently makes it impossible to blend out.  At the end of day the search party is alerted, missing concealer, reward, a chocolate bar ...  That's right folks, it slips and slides it way off your face in to a world of the unknown.  Not one for those who have bags that stay in the same place all day.

Bourjois, Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation, having been thoroughly impressed with some of the products on offer from Bourjois this was an exciting one for me.  However, after using this for a few weeks I just didn't get on with it at all, there was nothing about it that sat right on my face.  I know it is a lightweight foundation, but this takes lightweight to a whole new level as for me, I just didn't feel it add any coverage at all.  You know when you get a product and you just don't get on with it?  I'm afraid this was the one for me so I'm going to stop rambling...Maybe I'll give it another change to win me over and fall madly deeply in love with it, but for the moment, we're going through a bit of a rough patch...

Collection 2000, Illuminating Touch Concealer, I'm afraid this could potentially be one of the most disappointing products I've tried.  Having loved the Lasting Perfection Concealer, Collection 2000 had set high expectation levels, but this, well this, this was a far cry from that.  Unfortunately, this for me, provided no coverage, no nothing aside from a thick layer of concealer.  I have a post about this coming up, so in the meantime, this definitely won't be a re-purchase from moi.  

Mac Mineralise Eyeshadow in Golden Hours, first impressions of this were pretty good, and don't get me wrong this isn't that bad, just one that I was taken aback with.  The shades are pretty awesome and would suit any eye colour, however I just found the longevity not to be that outstanding and the pigmentation when actually used wasn't as great as my swatches.  I do use this selection though, it isn't one I wouldn't not suggest to others, however, in my opinion the Fantasy of Flowers collection for me did hit some of the lower notes compared to their other products, which are pretty amazeballs!  

So there we have it, that was a pretty tricky post to write!  Are there any products which have let you down with the big 'D' word?


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