Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Bourjois : Rouge Edition Velvet : Reviewed and swatched

+BourjoisUK have quickly become a drugstore brand I love, with more and more of their products landing themselves in my makeup stash.  The latest editions, Frambourjoise and Personne Ne Rouge, both Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks.

I have loved Rimmel Apocalips for a while, those liquid lipsticks I thought were impossible to beat.  That is until Bourjois unleashed these, Rouge Edition Velvet, which I have to say kick some serious bootay in the liquid lipstick department.

Snapped up in my basket were 2 of the 8 available in Boots, Frambourjoise, a bright pink and Personne Ne Rouge a what I would call sexy red, or sassy red!  There are some more subtle shades in the range but I thought go big or go home so opted for these vibrant beauties.

As the name suggests, they give a velvet finish which is 120% matte.  Now I've tried matte lipsticks/liquid lipsticks before and to be honest, they've been a bit hit and miss.  Why?  Simple, I found they flaked and went patchy very easily, which just made your lips look dry and unkept, no matter how nourished they actually were.  There's something about these though that doesn't make your lips feel too dry or almost cracked ...

Bourjois however have taken things to the very next level with the Rouge Edition Velvet liquid lipsticks.  No matter how many layers you plonk on to your lips they just don't crease, flake or leave that patchwork effect quickly.  I should note here that the pigmentation is absolutely incredible so you shouldn't need to layer, but if you do it'll do more than last!

That's another point, the staying power.  Sweet mother of .... these have the most incredibly lasting power, it almost counts as being a superhero product.  Through, food, drink, copious amounts of talking (something I'm very good at) these still stay in perfect tact on my lips!  To remove, I actually used my Clarins Instant Eye makeup remover, which after a few scrubs did the job perfectly.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet : Personne Ne Rouge Swatch

The applicators themselves aren't even that bad.  To achieve the ultimate and precise application with these dark shades I would probably recommend using a lipbrush as they aren't that accurate, however, they do the job more than nicely.  

At £8.99 each, these quite literally are a bargain steal and if you don't go and try one for yourself I might have to come and frogmarch you all to your nearest Bourjois stockist!  Can you tell I was feeling brave whilst typing that...?!

Bourjois I bow right down you.  You have provided us with a definition of #theshizzle.



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