Monday, 28 April 2014

L'Oreal True Match Foundation : Giving Luminous Silk a run for its money?

It's no lie that everyone has been talking about how +L'Oreal Paris UK & Ireland True Match Foundation (TM) is 'the most incredibly dupe for Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (GALS) you'll ever find'.  Is this really the truth?

With Affordable April underway it was time to get this beauty and give it a go for myself ...

I got my 2 TM's from Boots during their 3 for 2 offer, Vanillla (N2) shade for when I am eu natural and Rose Vanilla (R2-C2) shade for when I've had a little help from Vita Liberata, tanner ahoy!  At first, yes, I was a little sceptical as I find drugstore foundations to be extremely difficult to master and also how can L'Oreal True Match live up to Luminous Silk?

If you compare the two foundations it would be very difficult to spot the differences between the two, looking pretty identical when applied!  The only major difference I could see is that TM could be slightly more, we're talking like a smidge more, matte than GALS.  However, this is so difficult to distinguish between that day to day you really wouldn't notice!

In the two images below at the point nearest to my wrist is N2 (Vanilla) and the point nearest my elbow R2-C2 (Rosé Vanilla).

It's staying power is also extraordinary, lasting just as long as GALS, a full day, no stress.  Even the bottle looks pretty darn luxurious for a drugstore foundation, glass bottle, pump, secure fitting lid, it actually does have everything!  There's no dimpy, slightly oddly shapes going on here...

On to the shades, now with TM L'Oreal have split their shades across 2 sections, Warm, Cool and Neutral undertones, with a total of 22 available to best get the best True Match to your natural skin tone.  With such a large array of shades you may think it would be easy to match your skin tone however I can see that to get an exact match you may have to mix two shades together.  If you want that extra helping hand before you go to hunt this foundation down, check out here to get a rough indication of your shade.

They both give a medium coverage which feels extremely light on your skin, which you want for a base all over your face.  What is even better is that if you want that higher coverage both products are easily buildable without looking cakey in any way shape of form, genius.

Available at £8.49 each from Feel Unique, this really is an affordable product not to be missed, so go check this out now to see for yourself...!



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