Sunday, 27 April 2014

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur

+L'Oreal Paris UK & Ireland always try and blow all other drugstore brands out of the water with their skincare, but has their Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur, taken from their Skin Perfection line been one of the latest revelations?

Whilst L'Oreal basically advertise this product as being one which banishes unwanted pores, shine and 'irregularities' by 'blurring' them out, insert Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.  Could this also be a good dupe for Benefit Porefessional (£24.50)?

Personally, I love this product, whilst it has been given a bit of stick in the Blogging world it has become an everyday essential in my prep makeup bag.

Let's cut to the price, at £8.66 for 15ml from Boots, (or £11.05 from which ships worldwide), whilst it is expensive when you break it down, you will realise later through this post that you don't slap it all over your face.  The packaging itself is simple, a squeezy tube, which allows you to get out only the required amount, with a hygienic nozzle at the end.

Being a thicker consistency to other primers you may have experimented with in the past, I would compare this most like Porefessional from Benefit (£24.50).  Both state that they give your pesky pores and 'imperfections' a smoother appearance for makeup as well as acting as a primer.  It isn't meant to be slapped all over your face, but only on certain areas such as your nose, t-zone and chin, a little goes a long way due to the thickness.

Pesky pores are a bit of a bummer to everyone and for me, they are most prominent on my nose.  Instant Blur, really does do a flipping good job of smoothing everything over, blurring it out, creating a smoother base.  Whilst this image below isn't of my nose, you'll notice the smooth, non glittery, section of my hand below ... Magically blurred.

Not only is it fantastic at blurring out these 'imperfections' it also helps to keep that foundation/cc cream/ your base of choice stay put throughout the day, incredible right?

I wouldn't recommend using this all over your face, just over the suggest areas as it is thick and although smoothes out when blended in it would be rather expensive!  In the mornings I pop my primer all over my face except nose, chin and t-zone, then blur out these areas with L'Oreal.

In my opinion this works a treat and shall definitely be on my repurchase list once it runs out!


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