Friday, 25 April 2014

Soap & Glory give us a Peach Party for our cheeks

Soap & Glory have got a fair few makeup gems in the mix which I only seem to be discovering.  One of these is Peach Party, a 'Multi-Colour Blush Brick'.

From first impressions this reminds me of the recent Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Apricot...despite looking over shimmery, give this its chance and you shall be dazzled.

The packaging is extremely similar to Solar Powder, a plastic case which holds a shimmer case of peach heaven.  2 copper bronze, 4 pinks, 2 golden peach and 2 white sections of shimmery powder are carefully concealed, well they are pretty spectacular. 

Personally I find this has 2 uses, one as a highlighter and the second as a full on blush with that extra shimmer.  Taking a closer look at how the colours are separated you will notice the two copper bronze shades opposite each other with the remaining shades in between, perfect for highlighting.  Simple take your brush and swipe only over these lighter shades, sweep away from the bronze (well there had to be one play on words didn't there ...).  You shall be left with this:

Or, you can incorporate the bronze copper shades and sweep your brush in a circular motion around the whole palette to be left with this beauty:

As mentioned earlier, I think this is a perfect dupe for the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, limited edition shade of Apricot, an absolute favourite of mine at the moment.  However, with the Shimmer Brick priced at £32.00 , on the pricey pricey side, Soap & Glory's Peach Party at £11, available from the Soap & Glory website, this is an absolutely fantastic beauty steal!

The staying power is also a lot longer than I expected, usually my test is a full day at work, and easy to say the hold was brilliant.  Whilst, as with most highlighters, they can fade, it had slightly lost the full effect, but you could more than still tell there was a highlighter on my cheeks.  In terms of using this as a blusher, as each colour is incredibly pigmented there is no worry about this completely wearing off throughout the day, it'll still be there beaming off your cheeks!

Overall, I can honestly say that Soap & Glory have out performed themselves with their Peach Party, takes a bow.  

Recently Soap & Glory have released their Wonderbronze shimmer brick.  If this Peach Party is anything to go by, it'll be beautiful and is already on my purchase list!


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