Tuesday, 22 April 2014

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow : Intense colour, intense results

With Affordable April taking over, next on the agenda is eyeshadows and what a better to start than with +L'Oreal Paris UK & Ireland Infalliable?

Priced at £6.99 from Boots, these are one of the top finds I have hunted out from the Drugstore.  The reasons why are as clear as the sparkles are in the shade I purchased Goldmine.  Smudge proof, crease proof, long lasting, basically a traffic stopping finish, this all seems to good to me true?!

For those of you not familiar with the infallible eyeshadows they are superdedupa concentrated pigments but are a bit more dense that standard pigments.  It is almost as though something magical has been added which gives that extra hold.  There are 9 shades available from Boots online, but Goldmine was the shade which instantly sucked me in whilst in-store, it dazzled me at first sight.

My oh my, the colour of Goldmine is incredibly pigmented and so smooth.  A heavenly gold, which isn't too yellow and just gives that extra bit of dazzling sparkle to your eyes.  Be prepared, this will stick like glue to your lids for a serious amount of time.  

Whilst the packaging states they will last 24 hours, I haven't attempted this as I do like to sleep, however, they do last a whole day, we're talking 8am - 8pm, 12 hours.  Easily.  No battles going on here even without a primer, with my chosen primer, I can only imagine there would be a 'Brace Yourself For Amazing Staying Power' Award where this would clearly be the hands-down winner.

The formula of these is almost creamy and they can be applied incredibly easy!  I would recommend either using your finger or a dense eyeshadow brush, such as the Sigma E55 which my preference.  Although being creamy I would also suggest applying this before your foundation/concealer, as you may get a small amount of fallout.  Not a lot, but remember, it is a pigment so you're bound to see some of that beautiful glitter slip.

As you can see the packaging itself is something which I wouldn't have expected from  a drugstore brand, simple but effective.  L'Oreal, have carefully designed this small plastic pot, not only with that extra bit of silver pazazz, but right through to the internals!

Remove the screw top lid and you are met by a plain black stopper.  Inserting warning alert DO NOT THROW THIS AWAY!  

This keeps the pigment packed tightly and neatly in the base of the pot.  Throw this away and it may look as though it's been on the back of a lorry on a road full of boulders, not a nice site!

I fell in love with L'Oreal Infallible eyeshadows that much that a few weeks ago I actually went out and also purchased 'Time Resistant White', which is not only a brilliant lid colour, but a fantastic inner eye highlighter (my favourite use for it).

These are highly recommended to you all who want an incredibly long wearing, highly pigmented, just jaw droppingly beautiful eyeshadow pigment!



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