Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Liebster Award time ...

The Liebster Award!

First things first, I would like to thank the lovely Lauren for nominating me for this award, you be muchos kindos girlie!  If you haven't already checked out Pick 'n' Kitsch then go and do so now, where you'll find articles on fashion, beauty, life and well, everything you could possibly want in one section on cyberspace.

Next let's give you a little background info on the Liebster Award.  It is an Award given to you by a blogger who has less than 200 followers, to almost welcome/help you be recognised in the blogging world, the rest is simple.  You answer their 11 questions as well as posting 11 random facts about yourself, next make up 11 questions you would like to ask and pick 11 people to ask them to.  Post it to their blog, for example in a comment, and see if they continue the chain.  

Who are your top five dinner party guests, alive or dead, real or fictional?
Gees, that's a real toughie aside from the first guest.  Simples, my bezza bee herself, Coops, she always has me in stitches and dude, you just know it's going to a freaking blast when she's involved! Second, Captain America himself, now that would be cool!  Digging even more in to his past, finding out about those cheeky Avengers, and well you never know, he may even remember his real name Chris Evans, and sweep me off my feet,  a girl can dream...Third, quite clearly the Queen Bey herself, an openly admitted wild fan and yes of course I would give her top of the table duhhh.  Fourth, Vettel, I know I know, you either love or hate him, but to me, he's flipping awesome and I'd love to pick his brain on a few things ... Finally, the last place at my dinner party.  The pressure right now, is cray, HANG ON, light bulb moment, of course, Charlotte Tilbury.  That's one heck of a random mix around the table, but at least there would never be a dull moment.  Imagine those stories!

What is your one feel-good secret?

A feel-good secret?  To be honest, if I need one of those feel-good moments, I reach for a few things, a) the night before I always slap on a bit of my Vita Liberata Tinted Self Tan lotion, let's not lie, a tan always helps you perk up. B)  The day after, I'll pop on some of my 'feel good clothes' and reach for one thing in particular in my makeup stash, lipstick, a game changer for the mood!  Pick up a bright and cheery lipstick, then I'm set.  Then, when you think things can't possibly get any better, let loose and go crazy, be completely yourself.  When the evening comes a knocking, grab your hot chocolate and enjoy Emmerdale...  I know that's more than one listed, but in my mind all this is all one pile of one-ness...

If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your days, what would it be?
Batch, you've got some good questions going on now, my brain is working on overdrive!  Okay, got it, fish and chips.  Really this was a no brainer once I ticked through everything, bit of a pig you see, whether from the chip shop or homemade this tea just has me weak at the knees... It's 10:36pm and now I'm thinking of fish and chips, great!

What are you most proud of?

Of others?  My parents, they have devoted their lives to raising my younger sister and me (insert soppy comment), but they really are my angels.  Of myself?  Graduating from university (Marketing with Management), as I was the first in my family to do so.  

Would you rather have zebra hooves on your limbs or a giraffe’s neck?

Definitely a giraffe's neck.  How awesome would it be to see what's ahead of you or to have a little snoop around?!  Think of all the bling you could layer up ... amazeballs!

What is your favourite book and why?

Insert bad person alert, when I say I don't read that much at all and should probably take this up more sooo, swiftly on to the next before I embarrass myself too much more and say something like Mr. Men or The Daily Mail ...

What is your favourite smell?

There's 2 here, one more usual than the other - freshly cut grass and diesel.  If these could be made in to air-fresheners I would be very content!

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Without a doubt it would have to be Isla Fisher, she seems so funny and such a babe!  A long story short to cut out all the rambling nonsense, Isla appears to be someone who would be a giggle to have on a film set!

What motivates your blogging?

Every single one of my readers.  I know it sounds such a clichĂ© but more and more people now ask me for advice/recommendations that it spurs me to keep going.  Although, it doesn't take me too long to think of things to blog about, I could talk about concrete to someone if I had the chance, it can be a case of finding time to put these ideas in to posts.  This however, more than definitely just kicks my bootay in to shape, if only it actually were that simple (to get the bootay in to shape ...).

What is your top tip to any would-be bloggers?

To be consistent with your posts, if you can put things up at regular times, your readers will know wen to regularly check back at your page.  Don't leave it too long but keep them at a pace where you are able to keep up.  This is something I haven't been that great at since my blog started, new year and all that jazz, it's not going too badly!  Also, pictures, include pictures, incredibly eye-catching and blend everything together.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

If we're talking blogwise I absolutely love Vivianna (+ViviannaDoesMakeup)  from Vivianna does make up - very very funny lady who also has a cracking blog!  Then definitely +Fleur DeForce from Fleur De Force ... (oh Elaine). If we're talking non-blogwise, definitely my Daddy, he's a hard-working, driven man who is also the best Daddy in the world (along with all the other best Daddy's in the world too!)

11 random facts: Geees this is quite hard!

1. I used to be a vegetarian for over 10 years but recently converted back last year - bacon sandwiches, they do hit the spot!

2. BeyoncĂ©, I will have your babies!  Who doesn't?
3. I have a springer spaniel dog, who is basically my baby brother.
4. When I was younger I had braces for a ridiculous length of time.
5. Even now I have fixed retainers because I get paranoid them moving after such a lot of work was done on them!
6. I have known my bestest girlfriend since we were in Year 5 at that's a long time.
7. Secretly, not so much a secret anymore, I'm a big Star Trek fan.
8. I have a hidden talent to be extremely immature and annoy anybody!
9. I can spend ages in the shower when because I sing in it, a lot...
10. I went to university in Wales, so now, the Welsh accent makes me incredibly happy and I generally text my friends when I hear it.
11. I am currently typing this to you with a GlamGlow facemask on, being told I look like an Avatar by my family, just you're everyday situation...

I now nominate :
4. Isobel Rose - Isobel (I know you're just over the 200 mark but your blog is brilliant! Rule breaker alert ...)

And your buzzing questions are:

1. You have 15 mins to pack for a weekend away to the beach, what would be your grabbed essentials?
2. What is your ultimate movie of all time?
3. Do you like marmite?
4. If you had to give someone one piece of invaluable blogging advice, what would it be?
5. Looking back at your school days, how would you have changed your hair/makeup?
6. One to mix things up now, what is the first thing that pops in to your mind .... now?
7. Name one high end and one drugstore piece of makeup that you would stock up on if it were being discontinued.
8. I've heard we all look like either a rat or a pig. What animal do you think you look like?
9. Come on, confess your ultimate celebrity crush ...
10. We need to know something embarrassing to break the ice, what's one of your embarrassing stories?
11. What makes you happy when skies are grey?

Don't forget to add 11 random facts on the end ...!  

Over and out ... for the meantime!



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