Monday, 21 April 2014

Solar Powder from Soap & Glory

Until shopping began for Affordable April if I'm completely honest +Soap & Glory makeup wise hadn't been added to my collection.  Why?  I don't why, but now it almost feels some sort of a crime, ring the alarm!

I am a loyal fan to my Laguna from Nars or Charlotte Tilburys Filmstar Glow, so to try a different bronzer was a pretty brave step.  For those of us with a lighter skin tone it can be difficult to find bronzers which don't make you look and feel like you've painted orange on your face.  Thank you Soap & Glory, you've managed to not check this box!  

There's no point in even trying to cover it up, this product has completely knocked me off my socks, so much so that it has now become my goto bronzer for everyday at work.  Even the packaging is cute and quirky, something which certainly got my eyes attention.  

Stripped off you are left with a stunning durable cardboard capsule containing two shades of bronzer.

The two shades are warming and ready to add a splash of colour where the sun would naturally.

On the left we have a matte brown which is perfect for contouring, those cheekbones will look dashin', and on the right a lighter brown with a little shimmer, highlight away.  However, it is also recommended to lightly swirl your brush across both shades and apply as you usually would, cheeks, temples, jawline and under your chin.

Pop this on your face in the morning, bright and breezy, and it'll still be there for the best part of the day.  As with most makeup products, we do need that extra helping hand, a top up is needed, but only if it's a very long day.  This is a bronzer which sticks and does its job well, Soap & Glory, the kid did good!

Don't forget, bronzers can also be used as eyeshadows and the shimmer also helps to accentuate your d├ęcolletage. 

Let's not also forget the mirror, which deserves a mention, is of a very good size and can easily be used as that 'handbag essential'.

Available from the Soap & Glory website for £11, it's a bargain not miss out on...


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