Sunday, 20 April 2014

Boots : 3 for 2 offer : Triple Trouble!

Hello there cheekies,

This is just a tiny little informative post now to let you know that Boots have revived their 3 for 2 offer (insert loud shrieks).  I know, you're all screaming out for joy and handing over your wallets to the devil on your shoulder... So am I!

If you're liking what you're reading on Charming Compass throughout Affordable April then now is your time to head on over to Boots to get these yourself!  This is what I did, you save a lot of monies!

Whilst there are some incredible products available in drugstores, I never realised actually how many until this Affordable April idea sprung in to my head.  There's obviously a few to avoid, but this happens with high-end products too's your time to be lost in paradise (Boots).

Allow me to introduce the magical Boots URL ... right, here.

Now here's your challenge, go buy some of the goodies and let me know what you think of them :).



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