Saturday, 19 April 2014

Gimme Brows from Benefit : Simples

This is the most expensive product from Affordable April, however I have still categorised it as drugstore as it is available in a ridiculous amount of Boots throughout the UK.  Introducing Gimme Brows from +Benefit Cosmetics UK.

Whilst on a day trip to Leamington sales woman at Boots was ever so persuasive and got me to take a few moments in the hot seat, to be honest I was dreading this moment, thinking I would really not like how it would make my brows look (they're naturally pretty thick so for me less is more).

 Gimme brows adds small fibres to your brows with give them the appearance of looking more groomed, both in terms adding a fraction of colour to any thinner areas and keeping those pesky hairs in place all day long.

The saleswoman chose light/medium on me, also available in medium/dark, as I didn't want to add to much colour.  Although a little hesitant as my usual everyday brow product is from Blinc, click here for my review, I let this lovely lady show me the magic of Gimme Brow.

Needless to say I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results.  Whilst I don't mind a bit of extra depth I don't want something that is going to give me OTT slugs, as mine are already pretty thick, and this didn't.  The product itself is extremely buildable and you can put as much on as you want to get your desired look.

Application couldn't be easier with a tiny brush, that reminds me of one from Clinique bottom lash mascara, which means you are able to only place the fibres exactly where you want them.  The exact amount you want is picked up so there's no overloading the brush and then getting it all over your face!

The only downfall I could find with this product is that due to the fibres, it isn't particularly lightweight.  You feel your brows are a little crisp and set in place, something which Blinc doesn't leave me with, however the finish itself is something which I now love, subtle and long-lasting.

Before (looking really peeved off at the camera...)

After (with lipstick)

If you're looking for something which can quickly give you pretty brows and are fairly new to the brow world then this beauty is for you.  This product is definitely a keeper and has fallen in to my everyday makeup bag for that quick eyebrow fix product.  It is quick and easy to apply with no professional skills required!

+Benefit Cosmetics, Gimme Brows is available at £17.50 from Feelunique.



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