Saturday, 5 April 2014

Get illuminated - L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base, Pure Light Primer

If I'm completely honest, it was 3 for 2 in Boots and I was running out of time to look for a primer to fit the bill for Affordable April, so reached for the +L'Oreal Paris UK & Ireland Lumi Magique and finally headed to the till.  Not the proper way to do this I know but time was against me and the hairdressers was calling!

What pulled me to this primer in particular at a first glance, simple, the bottle.  Being a pearlescent white I was under the impression that it would act as an illuminator, giving me that dewy complexion, but is that exactly what happened?

The answer, in one word bazinga!  Houston we have a winner.  If you are after a glowing result then this is the product for you.  First off with the pump, which is incredibly easy to use, as pumps generally are, which I find distributes the perfect amount of primer on to my face to get that dewy, illuminated finish.

Don't be alarmed by the colour, you won't end up looking like Caspar the friendly ghost all year round.  In fact, the white pearlescent liquid shall add something incredible to your complexion.

The primer blends absolutely beautifully on to the skin automatically giving that glow.  Now, the tube says this could be use with foundation or by itself, and I completely agree.  Even if you were wearing no makeup and just wanted to give your skin that wake me up then this will totally do the job, effortlessly.

As you can see rubbed in this primer makes your skin look good enough to eat and you haven't even got to the texture.  If you are going to put on foundation on top, good luck.  You're going to be fighting yourself to stop touching your face which is left feeling as though you have just smothered it in liquid silk.  Just to clarify, the front of my hand has L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base rubbed in, whilst the back is au natural!

Across the duration of the day, as well as maintaining this beautiful luminous glow, I can confirm that it didn't interfere with the longevity of my foundation.

Similar to Charlotte Tilburys Wonderglow, (£38.50), one of my favourite ways to wear this primer is by  mixing it n with my foundation on the back of my hand, then applying it to my face.  This helps to provide such a stunning dewy base which will give a healthy, illuminated look all day.

At £9.99 for 20ml from Boots I would highly recommend this mystifying primer, it's already on my repurchase list!  Not a bad find at all for something last minute thrown in my basket ... Top hats go off to L'Oreal Lumi Magique Base.



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