Friday, 4 April 2014

Oh Gosh have you seen this?

If you take a step behind my cringy title, you shall see that +Gosh Cosmetics Official really are a strong contender with their blush, in the shade Flower Power (43).

At first, I was as you are probably thinking, 'how pink?!' however, trust me when I say this has been in my everyday makeup bag for a good while now, we're talking a long time, and I haven't been rocking the clown look, not that I know of anyway...

Whilst the colour shouldn't put you off, a little does go a long way with this blush that shall leave your cheeks looking naturally rosy.

Whilst the powder itself is natural, but not too chalky, it does blend beautifully on to your natural skin. Somewhere in the blending process the powder forms a creamy texture which gives a stunning finish.  This means that if you have a darker skin tone the colour could easily be built up and if you have fairer skin a little can be used.  Basically you control exactly what goes on your cheeks with no stress.

Being a bit chalky you can see the residue which manages to break free, it wants to break free on to your face!  This becomes a bit clearer in the picture below, so please excuse the slight residue build up around the edge.  

To apply this blush I adore using my Real Techniques Blusher Brush, (£7.99 from Amazon) which takes just the right amount to give my cheeks that flushed, first love, butterflies in your tummy look.

In terms of staying power, Flower Power has a lot to say for itself as it manages to stay put on my skin through a whole working day.  For nights out I would probably try a creamier blusher, as this is quite a mineral based blusher, to sum up, it may not be appropriate for when the heat is turned up!

Flower Power is available from Superdrug for £6.99, so go and get your hands on this because golly gosh it's flipping marvellous ... okay I'm stopping now, promise!



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