Thursday, 3 April 2014

Let Soap and Glory feed your hands!

With summer fast approaching it is time to get rid of that dry and chapped skin which could be currently drowning your hands.  Let's be honest, not even you want to look at that!

Whilst I find a lot of drugstore handcreams to leave my hands oily and sticky, would +Soap & Glory do the same?  Time to put it to the test ...
There's absolutely no denying that if you adore girlie products Soap & Glory have got this down to an absolute point, spot on.  From the pink packaging to their shea buter, macadamia oil and marshmallow signature scent, there is nothing about this which doesn't leave you feeling like flowers should come pouring out your hands after application.

The tube itself, super hygienic, there's no scooping motion required just a simple squirt.  You get what you squeeze, no mess, no waste!

The lotion itself is an actual cloud from heaven fuelling your hands with a ridiculous amount of goodness.  Your hands absorb the lotion extremely quickly and there is absolutely no oil residue lingering around ready to make everything slip from your hands.

Re-purchase? Stop asking silly questions now, you'd be a silly spoon if you walked past this the shelf again.  In fact, I would like to thank Affordable April and Soap & Glory, as this is now one of my favourite handcreams.

Soap & Glory Hand Food is available for £5 from Boots for 125ml or, check out the Soap & Glory website for different shipping options (price still £5).



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