Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Essie : Splash of Grenadine

Affordable April has landed and what a better way to welcome it in than with this beautiful sunshine!  To begin, all me to introduce Essie, Splash of Grenadine, a stunning red based purple shade perfect for 2014.

Usually I would want to include a few colours in one post with nail varnishes, however, this polish has earned its very own moment to shine!  Time to roll out the red carpet ...

Essie polishes are quickly becoming a firm favourite in my collection, the brushes allow for a precise application, even distribution of colour and the longevity is fantastic.  It'll take a few showers to get any chips out of these bad boys!

Since purchasing this polish I don't think there has been one time where someone hasn't asked 'what colour is that?' or 'where is that from?'.  I'm inserting the warning now, drink plenty of fluids as you're going to be answering those questions a lot with this beauty showing off your nails!

Get ready for your nails to be jazzed up for Spring/Summer 2014!

I got this polish from Boots for £7.99 (UK), or check out Feel Unique which ships worldwide where the price is £9.85.



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