Monday, 7 April 2014

Concealing with Collection 2000 : Lasting Perfection

Whilst Collection 2000 has been highly raved about not only on blogs but by people everywhere, it was about time to put this to the test myself.

 With everyone known to mankind saying this is the best concealer since sliced bread, my summary of all comments on the planet, this gem had a lot of hype to live up to.  Not only with its name lasting perfection, the longevity and finish, but it's pigmentation and job at actually concealing!

My day to day concealer is from Bobbi Brown, which works miracles no-one can explain, so this did have a lot to live up to.  However, I can say this has to be the best drugstore foundation I have come across, with minimal downfalls, winning already

On offer in 4 shades, there aren't many tones available, one of the few downfalls to this product.  The lightest (fair), seemed to be a bit too light for me, so I opted for 2 (cool medium), which ended up to be a pretty good match if I do say so myself.

As you can see from the image below, the wand is on to an automatic winner.  Being thin with a rounded tip enables you to get precise application for those pesky undereye bags as well as wanting to hide any cheeky blemishes.

The texture of the concealer itself is rather thick and creamy, which does come as a bonus as it stays put throughout the day.  However, I can't imagine this greeting lines in a very nice way, things could get awkward pretty quickly...  As much as this does blend incredibly easily, in lines, due to the thickness I could see it creasing.

One more thing the bottle seems to heavily promote it that it lasts 'up to 16 hours'.  If any product could do this I could see it costing a lot more than this.  Unfortunately, I didn't find it to last anywhere near 16 hours, simply because I don't wear makeup for that many hours in the day.  Hold your horses now, because I did find this lasting a full day at work, with next to no touchups needed at all.  It happily stayed in place from 8am - 6/7pm when it gets taken off, no arguments, just plain sailing, happy days!  

Overall, I would definitely recommend this concealer for those who are looking for a drugstore concealer which offers extremely good coverage for everyday use.  Already I own 2 of these, one for home and one for my handbag incase anything does stray off for a walk during the day.

Available from Boots, for an absolute bargain of £3.99, it is more than fair to say I was knocked off my socks with the performance of this concealer!



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