Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Affordable April Favourites

Affordable April has opened my eyes up to a lot of those beauty bargains so let's waste no time and get stuck in to my absolute favourite finds.  There's even a few I'm yet to mention on Charming Compass, exclusive alert!

I was very surprised, good excited surprised, to have found so many, Boots 3 for 2, you have a lot of wonderful things to thank yourself for!

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer - This should be a rule for everyone to own this absolute gem.  It manages to conceal not only dark circles but blemishes, keeps redness at bay and its staying power, beyond incredible.  If there's one concealer that would be discontinued and leave me looking like a sad puppy, this would be it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade - The saving grace to red marks that have been left behind from pesky blemishes.  Applied straight after cleansing every night, this has been one of the only products that is reducing the redness left behind.

Essie, Splash of Grenadine - The perfect nail polish colour that adds that pop of colour to any outfit you're sporting.  With its beautiful pigments, it manages to get everyone talking and asking the questions 'what is that colour' and 'where can I get it', so be prepared to wet that whistle before applying!

L'Oreal Infalible Eyeshadows - One of the most pigmented eyeshadows out there.  Although it may be difficult to track down a wide range of colours, when you do, it's worth it.  These give the most incredibly eye popping colour to your lids with some serious staying power.  Easy to apply, don't require a scrubbing motion to remove and are just like heaven.

Solar Powder, Soap & Glory - What more to say other than, this has easily made it to my 'everyday bronzer collection'.  Having two shades of brown, the darker (matte brown) is perfect for contouring, and the light for highlighting, however, swirled together all on one brush can give that sun-kissed look to the high points of your face.  At the fraction of the price of a plane ticket.

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Magic Touch Instant Blur - Absolutely, essential in my makeup prep bag now for masking 'blurring' the appearance of any unwanted visible pores.  Applied over the affected areas only, such as the nose, it cleverly reduces their appearance before your foundation is applied, giving you that perfect base.  Magic!

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - The ultimate dupe to GALS, the ultimate dewy finish, one of my favourite foundations, insert bowing motion.  Giving just the right coverage it gives you a) the flawless base and b) the flawless finish.  My one piece of advice here is to go and try this, the shade range is wonderful and you won't be disappointed.

Soap & Glory, Breakfast Scrub - Warning alert, do not eat this!  It tastes as good as breakfast, makes you want to eat it and not pop it on your boday.  A wonderful exfoliant which works on your skin, without leaving you looking like a red tomato.  Instead, you are left with beautifully soft skin ready to combat anything for the day.

There we have it, my Affordable April roundup.  Thanks for hopping along this adventure with me, hopefully there's some top tips on products that maybe you would like to try, big smiley face.

Just keep swimming ... 



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