Monday, 10 February 2014

Mac : Magnetic Nude, Carnal Instinct : Review and swatch

The Magnetic Nude collection by Mac went down a storm with customers all over the world.  Before 2014 I didn't own any Mac makeup, even though a lot of people recommended it, however 2014 came, and the collection has since grown to my stash.

One of my newest editions, Carnal Instinct from the sensational Magnetic Nude collection.

Carnal Instinct comes in the standard lip cosmetic packaging from Mac, making it sleek and sophist iced.  There's something about this tear dropped shaped packaging which I absolutely love.  The way it easily fits in your makeup bag on the go, how it stores, it's texture, the works.

The colour, you ask?  Well Carnal Instinct is a deep burgundy colour with a red undertone and a golden glitter giving the frost Mac finish.

In the above picture you can see already that this gem is going to be heavily pigmented and have a nice shimmery finish to it.  It isn't an overpowering golden shimmer, just an even golden shimmer, almost a magical pigment throughout the lipstick (it looks incredible, like small golden diamonds hidden on your lips).

This image shows one light swipe on to the back of my hand!  The pigmentation in this lipstick cannot be faulted and it's formulation leaves your lips feeling silky smooth with a golden shimmer.

One of the fantastic things about this lipstick is that it is magical!  You can stand in different areas of a room with the same light and the colour seems to change, move in to a different room with different lights and the colour will change again.  When I say change, it doesn't change to pink or green, but it terms of darkness.  The more light the more shimmery and red it appears, when in darker rooms there's no lying in that the glitter is still prominent, only the colour appears slightly more of a vampy/burgundy red.

And in different light:

I have a fair skin tone and am amazed by this colour mix, it's beautiful!  This would, in my opinion, suit any skin tone and complement each individuals eyes.

Although this lipstick holds a strong pigmentation you could easily tone this down for an easy daytime look by applying it with a clear lip balm either underneath or on top.

As for longevity, of course, lipsticks fade and with this holding glitter you are going to notice the fading more so than usual.  This is only a minor hitch, as everything else about this product makes me go a bit crazy, good crazy though, and it can easily be resolved by popping it in your handbag for top ups every now and again throughout the day!

If you are able to still get your hands on this lipstick it retails at £15 and I would completely suggest you do, however it is currently out of stock on the Mac UK website.  Maybe there could be some in your local store ... 


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