Sunday, 9 February 2014

Charlotte Tilbury - Full Fat Lashes - Under the microscope

It is no secret to you all that at the moment Charlotte Tilbury has ticked all the right boxes for me and has produced, in my opinion, one of the ultimate make up lines out there at the moment.  Full Fat Lashes is no letdown either, it simply adds for my love towards her magnificent collection.

There are many mascaras on the market nowadays which claim to do multiple different things to your lashes, lengthen, thicken and separate are naming just a few.  Full Fat Lashes claims to do not one of these beautiful actions to your lashes but FIVE - curl, separation, lengthen, volume, drama.

Yes, this mascara is known by Charlotte as her 5 Star Mascara, due to the carefully crafted wand.  There are 5 spokes of bristles, creating the effect of a star when you look down the brush.  For me personally, I have quite short and fine lashes, so when I first heard about this mascara with such an intricate wand I was incredibly excited and intrigued.

For £22.00 you want to now whether or not this product actually delivers the impressive announced results, let the images do the talking ...


After (please excuse mr scary red vein which appeared, it even creeped me out ...)

Personally, I absolutely love this mascara, it definitely does exactly what it says on the tube/website/box and I now swear by this product.

To get the most from this magnificent wand it is best to first nestle the brush at the root of your lashes and then bring it out to the end of your lashes.  Once this has been done across your whole lash line it is time to go in again and place the wand at your root then bring it to the tips over and over again until you get the desired result you are after.

My test for a lot of makeup is the gym test, because let's not lie, after a good workout it can look as though you've just stepped out in to a downpour of rain.  I can safely report, that whilst Full Fat lashes doesn't say it is waterproof, rest assured it stays put whilst being put through a tough workout! So have no fear, this mascara isn't going to budge off your lashes, but have no fear you won't have to scrub your eyes to remove it either.  With eye makeup remover this formulation comes right off, heaven.

You can purchase this from Charlotte's website, guaranteed, this product won't let you down.  In fact, I'm pretty sure you won't change your mascara for a very long time from the day you try this absolute gem!


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