Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentines Day Nail Art : Glamour Magazine UK Challenge

Last week on Twitter one of my bestests challenged me to reproduced 'The Valentines Nails'.

Yes, this was my challenge, image taken from the Glamour website.
Rather than just copy this exact design I decided to mix things up a tiny bit, change the colours but keep the hearts.  The colours of choice were all from the Ciaté range, check out their website, they're beyond insane.   Each bottle costs £9 and is an absolute dream.

Here we have it, Sugarplum a stunning pastel lilac (perfect for this Spring), Boudoir, a classic pillar box red staple for anyone's varnish collection and Kiss Chase, a perfect vibrant highly pigmented pink.  

I use Boudoir so much the bow fell off, sad times...

Before I unveil my take on Glamour's Valentines Nails, here's a quick breakdown how to get the hearts magically appearing on your nails:
  • Paint your nails with your chosen base colour, mine in this case was Kiss Chase
  • Grab some dotting tools, mine are the Cheeky dotting tools and tick all the boxes!  
  • Select your heart under colour / border colour, Sugar plum for me
  • Choose you dotting tool and dip in to the under colour heart shade.  Make sure your chosen dotting tool for this step isn't too small as you're going to infill this heart with another heart in a different colour.
  • To create the heart simply make a V shape on your nail - as the dotting tool is rounded this creates the perfect heart shape.
  • If there are any gaps then simply fill this in carefully with the dotting tool, maintaining the rounded heart shape.
  • When dry, select your hearts top colour, I went for Boudoir, select a thinner dotting tool and remake the heart shape on top of your under colour.
  • Wait for everything to dry and simply seal with your favourite quick drying, high gloss top coat.

Then, as if some serious magic happened ...

The lighting seems to have turned the pink in to more of an orange in these pictures, rest assured I can tell you my nails are currently bubblegum pink!

There we have it folks, a slightly adapted version of Glamour Magazine UK's version of Valentines Day Nails!  

If you fancy giving some Valentine's nail art designs a go and don't have many pinky colours or if you just fancy adding to your pink tones then look no further.  Ciaté currently have an offer too fantastic to miss in their sale, 3 full sized pots (13.5ml), 2 pinks and 1 pink glitter for a ridiculous offer of £20, the Secret Crush Trio.  There's also another pink trio called Head Over Heels, 3 magical pink tones for £20, go check them out whilst stocks last!

Got any Valentines nail art under your belt?  Nail art always excites me so I'd love to both see and hear about it below ...

Merry loving chicas and chicos, hugs and kisses to all you soppy toads,


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