Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Blinc : Eyebrow Mousse - On to the brows ...

Eyebrows, there are a ridiculous amount of ways we can go around fixing them, but which way is the best?  I have tried using pencil and powder, then my mother introduced me to Blinc, eyebrow mousse.  To this day I have not looked back!

Blinc eyebrow mousse is quite simply a mousse available in 7 shades which is designed to fill in sparse areas in your brows to make them look full, rich and complete.  There's one bonus to this product over using a pencil or shadow and that is that this stuff does not budge.  No really, through heavy rain or a full intense workout at the gym (that's how I generally test products!), it will not move, not even only tiny bit!  It's amazing!!  Yet, it does come off easily with makeup remover so don't be scared by its staying power.

My colour is Auburn, that's why it's quite dark in the above!  As you can see from the picture, the wand holds precise bristles which allow for a precise application.  If you do however, accidentally get this on to your skin whilst applying, then just grab a cotton bud, tissue and wipe it off, there shall be no evidence you missed the brow!

Here's my brows before and after so you can see how incredible this product actually is at both filling in and adding a touch of colour.  Now I can promise you these pictures aren't going to move and dance to a song, reenacting the creme egg advert ....



As you can see, they don't look too dark, so don't worry about getting that super obvious brow line.  Blinc have instead carefully created a product which provides you with outstanding brows.

This image shows you the left brown with Blinc eyebrow mousse and the right with nothing on.

Blinc eyebrow mousse costs £16 and is available from Feel Unique's website (which gives free P&P to the UK).  This may not be the cheapest of brow products but I cannot recommend this brow beauty enough!  It will change the way you groom your brows, no really it will.  It's quick and easy application, longevity and given results shall make you go weak at the knees!

Have you got a favourite brow product?  I'd love to try out your favourites, let me know below ...


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