Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mac : Magnetic Nude : At Dusk, swatched and tested

Mac recently released their stunning Magnetic Nude collection and I managed to get my lucky little hands on 'At Dusk Extra Dimension' Blush.

A pale dirty pink blusher with a hint of shimmer giving that extra dimension to you cheeks.  I was extremely excited to try this blusher as my other Mac blush has become a staple.   The Mac Extra Dimension products are told to have a liquid-powder formal which is silky, creamy and eye-catching, need I say more as to why I wanted to try this beauty...

There have been mixed reviews about this blush so here is my honest view.

When opening the packaging you are greeted with a stunning shade of pink which you can only begin to imagine gliding across you cheeks, gracing it with a slight dusky pink tone.

I was slightly worried that this looked extremely pale and would not show up on my skin, despite it being on the paler side.  In some cases I was right and others not so.  Unfortunately I was not able to give you a proper swatch image as the pigmentation in this particular blush is so pale it didn't show up very well, so this was the best I could do...

As the pigmentation in this blush is extremely pale I would suggest this for the paler skin tones, although if you do want to try this blusher it is definitely one you can build without looking cake on your cheeks.

It's beautiful formulation means that your cheeks are graced with an incredibly light and silky rose blusher.

I'm not automatically writing this blusher off, it is beautiful shade, I just wish personally, there was a stronger pigmentation.  As I said though, if you are willing to put that tiny bit more on your cheeks, it does look beautiful giving that subtle glowing effect.

The shimmer is effectively minimal in this blusher, it does provide that bit of highlight on to your cheekbones.

If you are looking for an instantly bolder blusher colour then I don't think this one is for you, however, if you are looking for a subtle mid-rose toned blusher providing a slight highlight which can be built up then look no further!

The staying power of this blusher is also something extraordinary, it will easily last me a full day at work without needing to be touched up.  If you were going out for a day at meetings, adventures or a night out I would recommend using a setting spray or primer just to give that extra hold.

At Dusk has now sold out on the Mac website, however it may still be available at your nearest Mac counter so check it out if you can!


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