Friday, 14 February 2014

Urban Decay : The ultimate Setting Spray for your makeup

We've all had that moment, part way through the day or night out you head off to where there is a mirror, take a quick glance and are horrified at the face looking back at you.  Where had that makeup you had carefully precisely placed on your face gone?!  Fear no more, Urban Decay have created the perfect solution to never being scared when you're out again with their range of Makeup Setting Sprays.

There are 3 different sprays within their range, All Nighter, De-Slick (Oil Control) and Chill Makeup Setting Spray, Hydrating and Cooling.  As my skin falls in to the 'normal' category, although it can be a tadge sensitive I went for the All Nighter version.  What more to say other than WOW.

There is no more taking a huge bag with you on a night out just to take your complete makeup kit for touchups throughout the night.  Instead, take that small clutch you've got in your wardrobe, pop in your lipstick and eyeliner, then hit that town.

Even the application of this product couldn't be easier.  Under the cap is a nozzle which evenly distributes a list mist, the magical setting spray.

To apply, simply hold the bottle in front of your face, remember to close you eyes, and then evenly spray once you have applied your makeup.  I usually find a total 3/4 sprays is all that is needed and you shall find that makeup not budging for the whole day or night.

If you want to doubly make sure that your makeup stays put then you can always apply a couple of sprays in between each layer of makeup.  For example, after your foundation, after your concealer, after your eye makeup, blushes, highlighter etc.  I would only do this if you were heading out for an extremely long day or night though, this kind of application I wouldn't do for an everyday makeup routine.

The setting spray itself holds no chemical smell, it is simply light and airy.  You don't feel anything set on your face once dry, it feels as though it disappears, but believe me it doesn't and you'll see exactly what I mean when you notice there has been no movement on the makeup front.

I really do recommend this spray!  It costs £20 and is available from the Debenhams website.  Although it costs £20, don't let this put you off, I've had my bottle of All Nighter for nearly 4 months now and am just about half way through the bottle.

Have you got any other setting formulas you use?  I'd love to hear about them below :)


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