Saturday, 15 February 2014

Nails get technical and creative: Ciaté Nail Lab

It had been on order for a good new months, when finally the day arrived ... the Ciaté Nail Lab.   For a cost of £65 now is your time to shine in creating the most imaginative polishes possible!

If you haven't caught wind of what the Nail Lab is, welcome to everything you ever need to be innovate and create the most beautiful nails.  No really, Ciaté have provided the secret goodie box which will allow you to become the nail connoisseur which at the moment is being locked away.

Let's get to the nitty gritty now, what do you actually get for your whole £65?  A whole lot is what you get!

* 6 mini nail varnishes : Mistress, Pillow Fight, Rain Coat, Ferris Wheel, Power Dress and Amazing Gracie

* 4 empty mini paint pots

* 6 suspension mini top coats

* 12 assorted glitters : Blue, red, green, purple, blue, silver, pink, gold, strands ... a LOT!

* Multiple tools : 1 scooper, 2 mini test tubes, 1 petri dish, 1 funnel, 1 mini nail file, 1 roll of customisable labels.

Image taken from Ciaté website

Image taken from Ciaté website

Image taken from Ciaté website

Have no fear though, if you feel you need a bit of help getting your creative hat on, Ciaté provide you with a selection of cards to get you going.  There's also a pack giving suggesting creative nail art designs!

Ciaté really have got this more than right, spot on with this kit box.  If you fancy giving this a go, then head over to the Ciaté website and check this Mary Poppin's box out...!

So far I have only had one issue in that one of the glitter pots was securely fastened before posting this to me so when I opened it up, over half the glitter had poured out over the tray.

I have emailed Ciaté asking for a replacement pot, so if this is possible, I cannot wait to get started on the beautiful nail creations!

It's time to let your nail inhibitions free, this is the beautiful and exciting kit for you!  That's my weekend gone for sure ....


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