Sunday, 16 February 2014

Laura Mercier : Foundation Primer \ Review

A primer is something I've never really used in the world of makeup, that is until now.  After carrying out a bit of research I concluded that Laura Mercier's, Foundation Primer would be the one to put on trial.

Providing a smooth, non-greasy base for your makeup, promoting that extra longiviety, this certainly lives up to the internet rumours!

What you don't want want with a primer is something which feels like a layer of slime on your face, enabling your makeup to slip away throughout the day.  No one wants to feel like your face has been submerged in to a gunge tank!  Instead, something which makes your skin feel like silk, giving that flawless finish once your makeup has been applied.   Exactly what Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer does.

The consistency of this primer is incredibly beautiful, neither watery nor sticky.  Even when dry, your face is not left tacky, but silky, a beautiful base ready for the rest of your makeup.

Primer straight from tube

Rubbed in to my hand

As you can see from the images above, you need the smallest amount of primer to achieve the perfect canvas.  Your skin, instantly appears more even, ready for your foundation to provide that flawless finish.

I have normal skin which can be sensitive and have found this primer to sit beautifully, giving no reactions whatsoever.  

There is only one downside in my opinion with the packaging, which I must add is incredibly durable.  That comes in the nozzle, which is rather wide.  As mentioned earlier you only need a tiny bit of primer to cover your face and this wide nozzle squirts it out very quickly.  My top tip, apply as little pressure as possible when squeezing the tube to avoid wastage.

Overall, I really do like how the Laura Mercier primer sits on my skin, the texture, the flawless finish and how much is grips to my makeup giving that extra longevity.  Really, my makeup stuck like glue to my face all day, without looking like it had been stuck with a pritt-stick!  

I would definitely recommend this for those of you who have a 'normal' skin type.  It costs £29 and is available here.  Whilst this isn't the cheapest primer, it really is absolutely fantastic, and for the first primer I've used in a while, it's going to take something pretty special to top this!

If you've got a favourite primer, I'd love to hear your recommendations ...


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