Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Maybelline Master Sculpt, Light/Medium \ Review

+Maybelline UK have added fuel to one of the makeup trends of 2015, contouring and highlighting with their Master Sculpt kit.  Brand ambassador Mollie King released her tips and tricks to using the new product here.  Available in two shades, light/medium and medium/dark could this really be a more affordable way for us to get those chiseled Mollie King cheek bones and glow?

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring light/medium

I picked up the light/medium and was eager to get it on my face!  With the contour shade on the left, highlighter on the right and even a handy mirror and brush, if it lives up to expectations this could be the perfect travel/space saving companion!

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring light/medium

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring light/medium

Let's shimmy down to business, the products themselves and I have to say, they aren't my favourite powders out there.  The contour powder, even in the lighter shade, I found to be very warm toned, almost orangey which isn't the ideal colour you want when trying to create the illusion of shadows on your face.  I also found it extremely tough to transfer product on to a brush, now I've got a fair few brushes to try it on and it was a chore on each...

Then we fall on to the highlighter shade which at first swatch I thought could be a winner, highlighters are one of my weaknesses so I was excited!  However upon further inspection when on my skin it gave such a subtle glow that it almost wasn't there and when I want to highlight I want to highlight.  I also found the texture to be rather chalky, it came out the pan with ease compared to the contour shade but it wasn't the one.

Maybelline Master Sculpt Contouring light/medium swatch

For me, this palette held huge potential and had me breaking the seal as soon as I got home, yet after a week of trialling I'm yet to find a way that it works for me.

Is this a product you've tried and found it works on your skin?  Let me know in the comments below...


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