Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Weekly makeup additions #12

This week there's a mixture of new, old and those that have slipped away from +Urban Decay Cosmetics , +BECCA Cosmetics and By Terry.

Let's get underway with the new, Naked Skin concealer from Urban Decay, I'll do a full post on this in a few weeks once I've had a proper play, but so far so good, it does seem to conceal extremely well and doesn't sit in those lines or gather in unwanted areas.  The only one downfall so far which I can't believe more people haven't commented on is the smell, which is extremely pungent, almost like paint stripper or nail varnish remover?!  But I won't judge just yet, keep your eyes peeled for that full upcoming review.

The old is the b-e-a-utiful By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Bronze Moon, a truly delicious creamy eyeshadow pencil which delicately offers an opaque brown shimmer to your lids with a subtle gold shimmer running through.  I recently saw +Lily Pebbles latest video where she used this and instantly I wanted to grab this and draw on my face with it!  So here we have the result, it's in the weekly additions...Thank you!

Finally we have the forgotten, Blushed Copper Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed from Becca Cosmetics.  A beautiful copper highlighter which is beyond pigmented and packed with a punch, like all Shimmering Skin Perfector's from Becca, insert the singing angels, aaahhhh.  I prefer to use this as more a blush/highlighter in one, as I do find it too pigmented to use solely as a highlighter on my paler skin tone, but it does work lovely wonders.


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