Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Let's talk, Colab dry shampoo

When it comes to washing our hair we all have our preferred routine, how often we wash it, the style of wash, and for me the one machine I wish could be invented would be one that washes and blowdrys our hair for us... I find it such a chore!  Welcome, Colab dry shampoo, a fantazzletastic  dry shampoo created by +A Model Recommends.

Colab dry shampoo mini travel set

This is a mini travel set which gives you a burst of the scents available to purchase in full size .. and some even for extreme volume.  These beauties are excellent at sucking up any unwanted grease in your hair and giving that extra bit of oomph.  However the best secret is that when you spray it there is no colour, that's right, there's no white, it's clear, transparent, non-existent!

I've got through probably 4 full sized one of these and 2 mini's, there's no stopping me, it's just brilliant stuff!!  So far my favourite scent has to be Paris, I would actually wear it as hair perfume if it existed!!

Then there's the extreme volume ones, and unfortunately for me, any volumising specific dry shampoos do not mix with my hair at all.  I'm left wanting to throw myself in the shower and wash everything out, the chore, it feels sticky, stiff and just sends shivers down my spine.  I did however give this away to someone who has thinner, shorter hair and they loved it!

Overall Colab is definitely the only form of shampoo which shall be making its way on to my hair from now on, well it has been since 2015...

Colab dry shampoo mini travel set

Have you tried anything from the Colab range?  What's your favourite dry shampoo?


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