Friday, 1 May 2015

2015 favourites \ April

April has been a month where we've seen the sunshine finally appear, the lighter clothes come out and the Winter makeup slowly being phased out, please don't rain now I've just been talking about the sunshine!!  Before I begin rambling to Mary and her sheep in the high hills let's get on to those April favourites ...

+L'Oreal Paris UK & Ireland Elnett Hairspray Precious Oil could quite possibly be one of my favourite hairspray's out there.  Whilst some hairspray's leave your hair feeling like if you were near any naked flame the amount of hair on your head would drastically reduce and the birds inside would flee for their lives, this leaves your hair like no other.  Despite offering 'extra strength' your hair feels soft and almost as though there's nothing in place, it really does feel as though there's nourishment being placed in to your hair... there's just something about this which makes me want to spritz even more!

+Vita Liberata is my favourite self-tanner brand fullstop so when I saw they had released a revolutionary self-tanner bronzer, Trystal Minerals, I jumped on the bandwagon.  I opted for medium/dark, being fair skinned with red hair I find light tanners add not even a drop of colour.  Whilst this is meant to develop a tan underneath all the bronzy goodness I found this not to be so true which did disappoint, full review on that to follow shortly, however, we make the best out of what it does do for me which was definitely providing a lovely bronzed complexion, whilst it was applied throughout the day...

When it comes to wacking your hair up when it starts to get too hot, if you've got thick but fine hair that crimps at even the slight look at a hair band then look no further as +Sephora have the answer with their ribbon ties.  Whether they're on your wrist ready to rock and roll or holding your hair back these are the Summer essential not to leave behind.

A blast from the past comes in the form of one of my first high-end purchases, the +Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Corrector.  Welcome to the answer of how to conceal those pesky dark circles!  The peach colours help to counteract those which we all despise, in a formulation which is rich, creamy and creaseproof.  An instant winner which has found its way proudly back in to my current makeup stash.

+Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask has been completely cleaning out my pores on a weekly basis this month.  Purchased a while ago this beauty is now being completely and fully utilised.  Whilst you may look like your face only has been submerged in a mud bath, once dried out you'll rinse the mask off to instantly notice your pores freshly clean and ready for action the next day!

Welllll, that's all I have for the monthly favourites round-up team so now it's time for you to tell me your monthly favourites in the comments below...


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