Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol 2 : Review

If there's one thing that Zoeva do flippin' well it is their brushes and their latest collection, not only because it is freaking rose gold, but because the brushes leave you speechless... Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol 2. 

Not only are the handles a beautiful cream housing a stunning rose gold top, however, the gold is in the brushes which are quite possibly not only the softest but some of my favourites out there.  

For €65.00 you get 9 brushes, I mean if that isn't a reason enough to buy them I don't know what is.   Despite being a new 'Luxury Collection' they are the same price as other collections, there's no additional costs, they're the same!!  More on those 9 beauties:

- 104 Buffer (face)
- 109 Luxe face paint (face)
- 126 Luxe cheek finish (face)
- 226 Smudger (eyes)
- 228 Luxe crease (eyes)
- 234 Luxe smoky shader (eyes)
- 317 Wing liner  (eyes)
- 322 Brow line (eyes)

The brushes are so incredibly soft and work like an absolute charm!  Zoeva have even added every single detail to the handle of each brush too, individually etching the charm design and Rose Golden, the attention to detail is something to be desired by a lot of other manufacturers.  

It doesn't stop here, yes yes there's more with the bundle, you guessed it, a beautiful beautiful rose golden pouch which fits each brush in perfectly for travelling.

If you're looking for some new brushes I cannot recommend any of the Zoeva brushes enough, especially these because they're Rose Gold!!  

Do you have any of the Zoeva brushes?  What are your favourites?


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