Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Chanel \ Spring 2015

The Chanel launches always have me squirming in my seat, waiting to see what magical creations can dazzle me next.  Chanel's 2015 Spring limited edition collection left no disappoint, quite the contrary and so much so that I snapped up 3 of the delights on offer, Les 4 Ombres Tissé Fantaisie, Tenderly nail varnish and Jardin de Chanel blush.

Les 4 Ombres Tissé Fantaisie, is one of the two palettes available in the collection, and in my opinion the earthiest of the two, containing finish"pink coral, white satin, pale green satin and intense brown".  Whilst the pale green and intense brown gave the most incredible colour pay-off with one clean swipe, the pink coral and white satin were more semi-opaque.  For me personally, this didn't bother me as with my hair colour I can't wear too pinky eyeshadows, so this gave just the right amount of colour.  I am yet to use these shades damp, however they can be and should give a more intense pigmentation on the lids. 

Tenderly, 641 nail varnish, recently mentioned in my January favourites is quite possibly a gem in terms of colour.  A mauve, plum which has a high shine finish.  In the past I have steered clear of Chanel polishes as I find they chip so easily on my nails, however this seems to be lasting a lot longer than usual.  Whether or not they have reformulated or whether my nails have now decided they want to play I don't know, but either way it's a flipping winner!  

Jardin de Chanel blush, has to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing blushers to exist, now that's a true story you can't deny.  Hiding two pink tones, almost dusty muted pinks in a decadent floral print, this packs the pigmentation and gives a just flushed finish to the cheeks.  This is something I can't get enough of!  The only slightly annoying thing about this is that you get a little less product than usual Chanel blushers, but take another look, that design, the colours, I'll get over it, okay I'm over it

That's a wrap in my Chanel 2015 Spring collection goodies and m'aam I love it!  

If you fancy getting your mitts on anything in this collection get yourself to your nearest Chanel concession now, these gems are selling out fast ... and it's all limited edition!

What's your favourite item from this Chanel launch?



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