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2015 favourites \ January

That's right, whilst I may have been absent for a while, these fingers are back attached to the keyboard and what better way to kick off 2015 with a favourites post?  This time round we've got a bit of everythin', a bit of this n' that to mix things up a little.

Cane + Austin, Acne Treatment pads available from Space NK are officially my new kickass blemish buster.  I don't know about you, but over Christmas food got consumed, in other words I thought of myself as a bin, which meant my skin began to get revenge.  Revenge in the form of producing its own mountain range all over my face, the Sned peaks.  I've added this in to my evening skincare routine post-cleanse before any lotions are used, wiping a pad over the mountain range, and I can confidently say the pharmaceutical grade glycolic and salicyclic acid bust any peaks down in a matter of days, giving my skin a good clean.  Despite being on the pricey side these actually do work, they're flippin' good, and have quickly worked their way up to my holy grail status.

Living Proof restore mask treatment available from yet again Space NK.  Hair, another product that gets heavily mistreated over the festive period with heat and a lot of it.  I plop this over the ends and middle of my hair just before going to bed on the weekend and wash it out the following morning, surprisingly you don't get a gunky pillow!  This hair mask is thick, nourishing and having only used it for a month it has completely given those ends a boost, step away from those tongs...

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette, where to start with this golden product from my favourite Youtuber out there, that's right, I went there, feelin' bold.  The alarm was set on New Years Day and after a 45 minute Jaclyn Hill internet meltdown I finally got my hands on one of these badboys before they sold out.  32 eyeshadows for $25.19, boom!  Despite the low price the quality of these shadows is sensational, the colour range is quite literally jaw-dropping and the formulation is well, gorgeous.  I think this palette is coming back in stock in February/March so keep you eyes peeled on the Morphe Brush website, and be prepared, Jaclyn Hill does have the power to break the internet!

Estee Lauder double wear stay-in-place flawless wear concealer, what a mouthful, in light.  This is my new favourite favourite concealer, so much so that I've managed to get through 2 tubes already, oh yes two tubes.  Not being too thick, but creamy it provides enough coverage to be used both under those eyes for when 'dem bags appear, and for any mountain ranges which may appear.  The coverage is incredible, without looking cakey and thick.  It doesn't stray and stays in place for hours upon end, we're talking serious time here.  For now my Nars creamy concealer has been pushed aside and a new path has been made with this gem.

Chanel, 641 Tenderly nail polish is from Chanel's Spring makeup collection and boy is it a keeper.   A plum maroon mauve shade, a whole lorra shades, which dries to an almost opaque finish, needing a simple two coats.  In the past I have steered clear from Chanel polishes as they tend to chip so easily on my nails but this colour was too good to resist.  Whether they've reformulated or it has just stuck to my nails better I don't know, but it is taking a lot more to chip that before, finally.  This colour is going to be around for a while, so if this takes your fancy grab your shoes and run to your nearest Chanel concession, it's going quickly!  Stay peeled for more on the Chanel Spring collection, I've got a few more bits to share with you soon...

Tom Ford, Lips and Boys Guillermo lipstick, is the shade that pops out to my the most lately, it's basically lived on my lips more than lipbalm, that's sayin' somethin'.  A beautiful deep plum colour which at first sorta think 'Kylie Jenner', I know I know I'm late aboard this train, my ticket got lost in the post.  I just freaking love it!!  The size might be tiny, but and hold your horses, it's the perfect size to throw in your handbag or pocket when you're out and about.  There's no dragging upon application, the creamy formula just glides, gracefully glides, leaving you with a full shaded pout!

Always look on the bright side of life, is from my new, another favourite, shop Vinegar Hill.  It's a mini book full of quotes from various people, all positive making your mouth creep up in to the biggest smile.  Here's an example, warm up those smiling muscles, "Shoot for the moon, even if you fail, you'll land among the stars" Les Brown.  They're just beautiful little phrases, no more than a few lines long to make you smile, freakin' lovely.

Finally, to round things off, for what I thought was a rather short January favourites, oh Elaine you muppet, is a bit of music.  I'm a fan of country music, big fan and Carrie Underwood, is the country version of BeyoncĂ©, #truestory.  This past month not a lot of other music has been played other than Carrie Underwood.  She has the lyrics to make you think, laugh, cry and relate to as well as having one of the most beautiful voices ever, the voice of a powerful.  Oh, and she's definitely on the girl crush list.  If you haven't listened to this majestic lady or haven't heard of her, firstly where have you been? and secondly, go give this award winning artist a listen by clicking here, you won't be left disappointed.

What's been your top product from January 2015?


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