Thursday, 4 September 2014

Jo Malone : Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Jo Malone is a brand that takes you to cloud nine with her array of scents no matter the form.  Her newest addition Wood Sage and Sea Salt just had me swooning with the first spray, bucket and spade in hand this would have completed my whirlwind experience.  

There has been large hype around this new fragrance filling our minds with English beaches, dried long grass, that sea breeze and that feeling of freedom on windy days.  Usually I am most definitely a floral perfume kinda gal, so it was strange for me that I instantly drew to this fresh and woody fragrance.  

Jo Malone has even gone as far changing the standard wrapping method, including using teal tissue paper, knotted bag ties and rope wrapped around the box compared to sleek black ribbon, I know, just stop, it's all too cute!  Whilst this might sound strange, rope instead of sleek ribbon, it makes even more sense once you look past the PR and smell the scent itself.

Upon first spray when this settles on your skin you are met with a citrus note which soon gracefully changes thanks to the earthy sage which leaves you smelling nothing but a sweet and salty woody aroma.

This would be perfectly suited on either the ladies or gents as it does also house a hint of musk.  Unlike some other fragrances such as Peony and Blush Suade this isn't as strong, it is a subtle fresh fragrance which completely captures what you imagine the British Seaside to be like, just in a bottle form.  So grab those blankets and picnic baskets and prepare to be whisked off to somewhere extraordinary.

The price of Wood Sage and Sea Salt comes at £40 for 30ml and £82 for 100ml and it's one of those scents that will have your mind ticking as what it smells like until you spritz it, so go have a spray!

Another great thing about Jo Malone cologne's is that they can be layered so if you have any other scents hidden away, you can mix and match them to make your own signature fragrance, could things be any more dreamy?



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