Monday, 1 September 2014

August Favourites : Revealed

First of all, how quick is 2014 going?  We're already at the end of August and the Christmas word is already beginning to slowly sneak its way to our shops!  Back on topic Elaine, let's get to grips with those favourites that have been occurring in August.

Becca Beach Tint Summer SoufflĂ© in Lychee/Opal - Words cannot be used to describe my love for this blushers.  Quite literally a soufflĂ© cream blusher which has that hint of that love flushed colour combined with a pop of highlight giving you that ultimate glow.  Incredibly lightweight, long lasting and water resistant, this stuff doesn't budge of those apples/cheeks all day, we're talking intense gym sessions, the lot!

Josie Moran Blusher in coral - For those days where I want a subtle pick me up cheek colour, this is the ticket.  It smells refreshing, light and almost minty whilst giving the perfect pop of colour.  Infused with argan oil these can be magically worked in to both the cheeks and lips to give a beautiful finish.  They blend incredibly easily and it even manages to stay put pretty well throughout the day.  I got this in a set from Sephora which also came with 3 other shades, but this has been the one I've been reaching to the most. 

Bumble and Bumble Gentle Shampoo and Intense Conditioner - We all know coloured hair needs that bit of extra summin' summint to give that extra boost and hallelujah Bumble and Bumble have graced us with this pocket full of sunshine.  This leaves my hair quite possible the shiniest it has ever been, minus after those trips to the hairdressers, and silkiest, quite possibly could be on to a winner here ladies and gents!

Marc Jacobs Beauty, the Lolita palette - Although this palette landed in my first Sephora order I hadn't really utilised it until August and holy mumma why oh why I hadn't used it before to it's full extent I don't know why.  The colour selection, the mattes, the neutrals, the transition colours and the shimmers just makes me weak at the knees.  Perfect for travelling it holds a neutral colour selection for any occassion, day or night, just thanks Marc for creating a beautiful selection of colours all in one incredibly sleek and dare I say sexy case...

Jo Malone, Peony & Blush Suade Cologne - Can I please get a holla for a sensational scent?  Hollllaaaa...  A fruity, exciting, floral scent which leaves me waiting and wanting Summer to never end.  Saying this, not only is it perfect for Summer, but it's perfect as light daytime or early evening fragrance, which grips to the skin leaving a refreshing trail when you walk past anyone.  Don't worry you won't leave them in a heap on the floor from an over powering smell, they'll be following you around!

Charlotte Tilbury, Feline Flick eyeliner - How to make eyeliner easy, look no further.  Whilst this is designed to help you master the ultimate feline flick, oh momma, this is still an issue for me, it is brilliant for applying eyeliner in general.  It's precise nib, allows for fine application at the tip with a fatter neck to catch on the end.  If you don't chose to set this in place with a black eyeshadow you won't find this slipping and sliding, it'll stay put!

Percy and Reed All Purpose Beauty Bag - A recent overnight trip meant this bag made my life so much easier, there's literally a pocket for everything.  Heat appliances, makeup, makeup brushes, brushes, you name it and you're toiletries can and will fit!  There's detachable pockets to make things easier, a clear pouch and even reasonably sized pouches for everything.  It's just amazing for transporting everything in one space with separate compartments.

Saving Mr. Banks - It's fair to say, this film has me reaching not only for tissues, but a mop each time I watch it.  A sad, but happy story explaining how Mary Poppins came to be, in a film which I couldn't recommend enough that you watch...Just remember, you may, most probably shall leak ...

Music : Lucy Rose - Lucy Rose is an edgy folk singer who will leave warm fuzzy feelings sneaking in to your heart.  With her heartfelt emotional songs each telling their own story, you'll find yourself dancing until the morning light.  'Like I Used To' is the debut album and is out now, so go and check this beauty out now and some of my favourites are 'Watch Over', 'Be Alright', 'Shiver' and 'Little Brave'.  Click here for the itunes link, here for the Amazon link and here for more information on Lucy herself.

What are those beauty and non-beauty products which have left you shrieking with excitement this August?



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