Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Benefit : They're real push-up liner

+Benefit Cosmetics UK who doesn't, have a product or two, possibly even a stash of it in their makeup collection?  With their latest high anticipated launch, They're real push-up liner finally arrived on our counters and sent the nation liner crazy!

5 years in the making, it's time to see how this performs and to see if this time has finally created the ultimate gel eyeliner... in a pen form.  Exciting if I do say so myself!
At first needless to say I was sceptical, a gel eyeliner, in a pen form, with a funny nib that's taken 5 years to develop?  It didn't quite sound right, yes I know, you're shaking your heads at me as you read this, I judged to early and for this I shall go without pudding tonight...

Despite having a passion for makeup, eyeliner, where do I actually begin, it is not my friend and it is the one freaking task that takes me forever!  Especially when it comes to a gel or liquid line, let's just say, things can get a little tense when this task is being undertaken.  In fact, if there could be an eyeliner battle with yourself competition, safe to say, I'd probably win gold.

Whilst I can safely say this is a brilliant tool for using a gel liner, I'm afraid there's just something about this.  Call it personal preference.  Don't get me wrong, I can totally see why people are loving this, but I can also see why there's a split in reviews on this.

Whilst the gel is cleverly hidden in the barrel, I find it difficult to get the right amount out to the tip.  It either fires out or doesn't come out enough so that it flakes on your lash line when applied.  Which brings me on to the biggest pitfall with this product, when I have gone over the line with another layer to make it more defined, on me, it just flaked.  On to the final thing, the flexible rubber tip, although this is fabulous as the concept of it hugging your lashes so they get out the way, definitely works, it just needs to be a bit sturdier as even with a light handed approach I found this to bend just a tadge too much.

Overall, I have to say, this is a product I have given a good go, but there isn't that pull back to re-use it as there is to my other eyeliners.  One thing that does make me weep is it's longevity, which I have to say, this has been nailed, once correctly applied this badboy doesn't budge, smudge or transfer, amazeballs!  Benefit, I would say you're so close to having one of the best liners out there!  With a few tweaks and twerks this could have been in my top 5.

What are your thoughts on the Benefit They're real push-up liner?

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