Saturday, 23 August 2014

Fragrance City : Body Shop : Jo Malone, Prada : Elie Saab

Fragrances, they're something we all love and all have our own favourites, so here's a look at my current 4 which are used all the time, not at once, although ...!

Elie Saab - To those who know me, holla, to my signature scent.  This stuff is just the bombdiggadidy in the world of Elaine.  It is a floral scent packed with a combination of jasmine, orange blossom, honey rose, patchouli heart and cedar accord, daaang even talking about it makes me reach for a quick spray from the bottle, fear not, it won't leave you being the one who everyone turns to when you walk in to a room with an overpowering perfume. A fragrance which only requires a couple of sprays for a sensational odour, will leave you feeling as though you want to throw on your favourite outfit and go running through a floral filled meadow, yes yes it will take you to those places!

A scent which may not leave everyone pining for more though, so if you fancy trying this out, then go and have a pre-purchase spritz at your local shopping centre.  But be prepared in case you want to find that nearest meadow ...

Jo Malone, Peony & Blush Suede - A new edition to the fragrance family and boy oh boy, it's a keeper.  Anything peony or floral, call me a sucker, but I'm sucked right in!  Jo Malone has added her own twist to this classic scent, which only makes it even more inviting.  That pop of red apple hits those top notes and then the sueded base falls in to place giving a softer finish.  A powerful, jasmine, rose, gillyflower, peony and apple leave you feeling fruitful and fresh once it settles in to your skin.  Can you tell I love the jasmine, floral scents?!

The Body Shop, Indian Night Jasmine - Continuing with the Jasmine theme, this throws me straight back to senior school/sixth form; a classic which won't ever slip out for me.  At first spritz the orange blossom and jasmine come oozing through, gracing you with an oriental arabian nights.  It is light and silky, which when settled leaves behind a hint of sandalwood.  Whilst this appears to be an incredibly simple scent at first, the complex combination leaves you wanting to whizz off to a beach and be in that beach ensemble, or is that just me?!

Prada, Candy Florale - Originally I went out on a mission for the new Marc Jacobs, Daisy Dream, but when I got a whiff of this, there was no space left.  Marc, I'm afraid your Daisy Dreams shall have to wait for a little longer.  Inspired by an imaginary flower which smells like candy, the floral hint definitely shines through, with that hint of candy.  You'll automatically feel your senses picking up on an assortment of peony, benzoin, musk, limoncello with the candy aspects sporting caramel and honey.  Currently, this is my go to, it's just beautiful, and leaves you wanting to make an appearance in Katy Perry's California Girls music video.

What are your top fragrances at the moment?



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