Sunday, 6 July 2014

Taming that hair with Bumble and Bumble : Defrizz

Hair, it's one of those things that gives us many annoying mornings when it doesn't do what it's supposed to, or changes throughout the day, without you even touching it, why do you do this to us?!    +Bumble and bumble LLC hold the absolutely incredible answer, get ready for Defrizz.

Not only could this product be any easier to use, it also doesn't leave your hair feeling sticky and more importantly it actually does what it says on the bottle, defrizz!

If you're someone who also suffers with expanding hair throughout the day, whether there is humidity or not then this is absolutely bombdiggidy product for you, you heard me sissttaaa!  To use, after you've washed your hair and it is damp, simply squirt a small blob out on to your hands, rub together and then rub through your hair.  I always begin by rubbing it through the ends and then bring it up, however, always stay away from my roots as I don't want any extra product around that area, there's already a lot of hair weighting those bad boys down!

Then all you have to do it give your hair a good blowdry and voila, that is it.  No really, that's the job lot.  Continue to style your hair as normal!  It doesn't make your hair greasy, oily, leave sticky residue behind or even make your hair look dull.  It just leaves your hair looking silky and in shape, for the whole day, there shall be no frizz action here.

I really couldn't recommend this product enough to you folks, it is now never going to be out of my haircare routine, and that's a fact!

Available at £12.50 for 50ml or £22.00 for 100ml from the Bumble and Bumble website, although the price may be a bit steep, I got the 50ml at first to trial.  Boy oh boy, it hardly looks like I've touched the bottle, when in actual fact I've been using this since May!

A heads up too, when you buy any full size product from Bumble and Bumble at the moment online and in some stores, I know this applies in Boots, you get a free spray chalk, of your colour choice worth £15!  So if you buy 2 products, that's 2 chalk sprays, 3 and 3, the games go on!  Go check out their website now ... here !



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