Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Summer bases : The winning trio

With Summer creeping around the corner for us in the UK and those long hot days slowly becoming a fraction more regular, meaning we actually get the odd non-rainy day, foundation can become a bit too heavy.  In replacement I've already become using lighter bases on my face and these three have become a firm favourite already.  

Chantecaille, +BourjoisUK and Jouer are extremely strong contenders for offering a light base, with that bit of coverage that holds put and leaves your skin looking Summer ready and truly delectable.

Chantecaille Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer, just wow, someone please tell me where this has been hiding?  Answers on a freepost postcard... One hint, in a goldmine.  It has to be one of the most expensive items I have in my makeup stash, but it is so just so good!  Why does this have to be?!  Whilst having that pop of light coverage it holds within a pot of magical glow, so is perfect for those of you who love that glowing/dewy skin finish.  You have now been introduced to Charlie's golden ticket.  The only downside to this product is the costly price tag, at £56 from Space NK, as you'll see from this post, there's a few others which offer the same or similar for a fraction of the price, well that doesn't take much with this cost does it...  Again, housing an SPF 15, that's just what you need for that Summer sun on your facial area.

Bourjois 123 CC Cream, at £9.99 from Boots this gives high end Summer bases a run for their money.  Whilst meant to be used under your foundation to correct your complexion, but the coverage given is incredible!  With 3 colour correcting pigments, Apricot which counteracts the signs of fatigue, vert (green) which disguises redness and white which conceals those pesky dark areas.  Available in 4 shades, I picked up number 32 which matches my skintone perfectly.  Whilst this is aimed to 'colour correct' I would say that you do need to pop on a bit of concealer to help with those belmishes/dark circles.  Incredibly light on the skin, airy and with incredible longevity, Bourjois and the highstreet have added some schazam to summer makeup!  Oh and did I forget to mention SPF 15?  That's right, some serious schazam!

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint, costs £30 from Cult Beauty and is a brand rather hard to track down in UK stores, this is the only downfall to this product.  If you were to swatch this instantly you would put it down and step right away as it looks ridiculously shiny, but, give it a chance and daaaayum, this is just beautiful.  In actual fact, it is what I'm wearing on my face everyday for work at the moment.  Don't be put off, it gives that lovely summer glow appearance, not a sweaty post work-out glow, I mean you wouldn't buy that ... would you?  This though, just adds that pop.

So that's it, foundation is out the window for daytime use during the hot hot months and these badboys are in!  What's your favourite Summer base ?



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