Sunday, 29 June 2014

Life's a beach with Ciaté Beach House Collection

There's no denying that I love +ciate london, their colour range, innovative ideas and their new regular additions, which includes their latest melting Beach House Collection.

Housed in an idillic beach hut are 5 pots of 5ml stunning summer colours : Pepperminty (a peppermint green), Knickbocker Glory (a vibrant pink), Hopscotch (a tangerine orange), Amazing Gracie (a pearly white) and Party Shoes (a gold glitter).  If you're looking for a way to brighten up your nails this Summer then this is where the beach party starts!

Open up the front cover of this pretty little set and you'll be met with a clearer look of what hidden polishes are inside.

Go that step further and you'll get to see the bottles within grabbing distance, give mumma those goodies ...

Application of these polishes is incredibly easy, two coats and a solid bold colour is effortlessly achieved.  My one word of warning is not to be alarmed by how streaky and stripy the first coat of both Pepperminty and Amazing Gracie is, really, it looks like a beach chair.  After the second coat, no stripes are present and your nails look like you've just stepped out from a nail bar.

The colour selection in this mini set is fantastic, they work so incredibly well together and are on key for the Summer.  They are bold, flirty and one thing's for sure, they make your nails ready for that Summer sun!

There is just one tiny thing I found slightly irritating with the combination though and that was the glitter, don't get me wrong it's beautiful and is actually one of my favourite glitters from Ciaté, however, I just wish there had been a solid colour in its place.  Why?  I hear you ponder, the answer is simples.  I love painting my nails different colours, so if this was my collection I would have provided 5 solid colours for each nail so you can get the most out of the set.  As a result, I actually used a polish from Essie, hide & go chic, to complete that colour pop across my nails.

Another thing I find is the longevity as they do tend to chip easily so a top coat is an essential and I highly recommend the Caviar Top Coat from +Nails Inc, it's a keeper!

Aside from this though, I can honestly say that once again Ciaté have got things bang on trend and these shades are going to be beaming bright in 2014 on my nails!

Priced at £20 from the Ciaté website, this is what I consider to be a barrrrrryargain!  5 sample sized products from an incredible brand, what more could you ask for?  These are products from a brand who is on fire with nail varnishes!  Just be mindful that an awesome top coat is needed to help them last their full potential.

What are your favourite shades for Summer 2014?



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