Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Favourites 2014 : Ready, steady, go!

It's that time again ... where did May go?  Answers on a postcard anyone to Freepost Find May 2014.  Anyway, let's get down to the nitty gritty and dive straight in there to my May 2014 Favourites.

Let's begin with the non-beauty item there and that is from M&M world, guilty as charged.  On my recent trip to Covent Garden, of course M&M World just had to be there, of course it did.  When inside, I stumbled across M&M Crispy and oh my gosh, insert new obsession.  They are beautiful, with a 'normal' M&M shell but inside is actual crispy biscuit, mind blowing I know right?  Anyway, they are sensational, and I cannot stop eating them, nor looking at the quirky box they came in!

Bumble and bumble, defrizz, has recently saved my hair.  My new hair holy grail which works miracles I didn't even knew existed.  This mop of red hair on my head has a tendency, no matter how much it is tamed to expand throughout the day.  Another magical thing right? Bumble and bumble have created a magical potion which when applied to wet/damp hair keeps everything in check.  It absolutely blew me out the water, so if your hair also acts like expanding foam throughout the day then look now further, mindblowing.

By Terry, Blackstar in Bronze Moon and Beyond Gold make applying a truly incredible eyeshadow the easiest thing ever. A creamy eyeshadow stick, with the most beautiful pigmentation, longevity and blending ability, these are just wow.  They can be built to give a more intense colour or used with one simple swipe for the daytime.  Just to throw another option in to the mix, they can also be used as an eyeline, pop you brush on the stick and then apply to your lashline.  Simple and brilliant! 

Charlotte Tilbury, Coachella Coral, K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick that I haven't raved enough about in the past already.  I'll keep this short and sweet, just like the lipstick.  A summerlicious coral that will make your lips crave the sun to stay out all day long!

Clarins, Colours of Brazil, Summer Bronzing Compact, has come to be my favourite bronzer of all time!  With such warming colours, that just add that warmth to your face it is perfect for the summer time.  There's even a small shimmer square in the corner which adds that extra little glow to your face, don't worry, it's only very slight and the patch is so small you can mission abort if you want.  I take my brush and swirl it around everywhere, tap off the excess and apply to the high points on my face.  It's a stunner ladies and gents, and only a summer edition so snap it up whilst you can.

Essie, Truth or Flare, Spring Collection 2014 is almost an elephant blue/grey which gives a brilliant colour payoff on those nails of yours.  It isn't usual that I repaint my nails the same colour, I like to mix things up, however this colour has found itself making multiple reappearances, it's basically a celebrity.  Oh I forget to mention, with a topcoat, this stuff lasts almost a week on those nails, another winner ladies and gents.

That's it for another month cheekies, what's been your May favourites?  Pop me a line in that little box below ...


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