Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Charlotte Tilbury : Part 1 / The Future Vinetage

Charlotte Tilbury, the majestic Charlotte Tilbury, the wonder woman who has captured the world with her beautiful make-up collection, including myself.  It’s no lie or new news that I am a huge fan and so far have not been disappointed with a single product I’ve tried so far.  Every now and again I'll throw in a post to show you my stash, which appears to be growing by the day...  What better way to kick-start things let’s just jump straight in there with the Future Vintage: The Collectors Edition, my first CT purchased item back in the day.

The Future Vintage comes complete with 7 products for £250.00 with only 300 produced, automatically placing them in to the Limited Edition category, me, I'm number 130.  Each one is numbered and comes complete with a signed card from Charlotte Tilbury herself, this already has me weak at the knees!  Now let’s just fast forward this train and get stuck in to the bits we all want to know about, the enchanting goodies themselves.  Concealed within 2 layers are some of ‘the most sought after Charlotte Tilbury collectables’ and you’ll soon see why.

We’ll start from the bottom, in the words of Drake, started from the bottom … you are greeted with, Filmstar Bronze & Glow, Bar of Gold and a mini pot of Charlotte’s Magic Cream. 

Filmstar Bronze & Glow

Inspired by art deco cigarette cases, this gold case with the most beautiful detailing just means the contents have got some serious standards, so do they match up?  Of course they flipping do!  On the left you have a matte brown bronzer which is absolutely perfect for both giving that sunkissed glow and for popping along those contourable areas (insert new word alert, contourable).  Whilst on the right you have perhaps one of the world’s most sensational highlighters, more about this gem when we meet the Bar of Gold.  Combined together, the two make the perfect handbag compact for when you are out on the go at night time or during the day, it is a staple of mine for whenever I’m out and about for a long day, double the product, saved on space, bazinga!

Bar of Gold

WOW, if you’re not seated from the Filmstar Bronze & Glow you will have been thrown back in to your seat by this beyond incredible highlighter.  If you are aiming to achieve that perfect ‘candlelit’ reflection on all those places where highlighter should be, then excuse me but I think you’ll find you’ve hit that jackpot baby!  This highlighter is like no other I’ve tried before and I can tell you now, every single time I have worn this at night time, someone always asks ‘what is that on your cheeks’, every time.  It manages to achieve the ultimate candlelit effect in a few sweeps of gold dust.  For the daytime you could most definitely wear this, I would suggest using one brush swipe over the bar and then ensuring the excess is removed by tapping your brush.  However, my favourite time to use this is at night time, believe me it’ll make you wow and treat this as though it actually were a precious bar of gold!

Charlotte’s Magic Cream (15ml)

Effectively this is an anti-aging moisturiser which also ensures your skin is flooded back with hydration, whilst prepping your skin for a flawless finish.  Oh yes, did I forget to mention is also has SP15 and an anti-UVA filter in it too?  I know right, the mind is baffled by all these promises!  Each time an extra special occasion comes around, okay the two times where I have felt they deserve Magic Cream, it makes me want to use it all the freaking time!  At first, I tell no lies, I was sceptical , a cream that promises a lot always has me thinking, ‘but can you really do that to me?’ Whilst I cannot comment on the anti-aging side of things because I haven’t used it enough to see the wonders, I can comment on the appearance and feeling of my skin after use, which is simply glowing, healthy and plump, really like I have drank an obscene amount of water and had such a long sleep, like sleeping beauty...where is my prince please?!

And that’s the bottom row sorted so let’s move on to the top layer which focuses on all makeup products for your  lips and eyes, prepare to be dazzled!

The Vintage Vamp 

The Vintage Vamp, luxury eyeshadow palette which could not be made more simple if tried to apply.  All CT’s eyeshadow palettes are made with the same process, there’s a Prime, Enhance, Smoke and Pop colour and you simply apply in that order.  What corresponds to what I hear you cry out with arms flying around at your computer screen!  Simple, flip over to the back of the palette and you shall be greeted with a simple 1, 2, 3, 4 which relates to the order in which they are applied.

This palette is designed a ‘desk to disco eye colour wardrobe’, with that effortless ability.  I’m not just saying this, it really is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 … insert smiley face emoji.  This selection of 4 colours are a stunning set of both shimmers and ?  The palette can be used from day by using the first 2 (top row) and then mixed up for night by adding the second 2 (bottom row).  I now have 3 of these palettes and everything from the pigmentation to how they blend and the longevity of them it just outstanding.  They are regularly used on a day to day basis and have easily found a spot in my heart.  Quite simply they make eyeshadow application the easiest part of your makeup routine!

Lip Cheat – Pillow Talk

One of the most talked about lip liners out there that just helps enhance those luscious lips.  I don't know how it works but after using CT's lip liners your lips just automatically look fuller and more defined, ready for that lipstick to land!   

K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick - Penelope Pink

Penelope Pink is a perfect nude with just that pop of colour which makes it give any look that simplistic yet beautiful finish.  It is a muted nude which suits all skin tones and adds that extra level of luxury to those lips of yours!

Lip Lustre – Bardot Beige

This was recently introduced to CT’s line for a limited time only and it’s an absolute classic of a shade.  Bardot Beige is a lip lacquer which will go with any look out there, whether it is a neutral or glammed look, this will fit straight in to place.  A neutral shade which adds just that splash of 'my lips but better', brilliant! 

For £250 I have to say at first and for quite a few weeks after I didn’t want to touch this beautiful box, it was just too good to be true.  However, I then caved and thought, well I’ve got it now, I can’t let it rot for goodness sake, just use it!  So quite frankly I did and that’s how it happened, my love with CT was formed and my collection has rapidly grown.

I have found Charlotte Tilbury’s line to be one of the best out there which caters not only for a lot of skin tones and types, but for many different occasions, magical goodness!  Finally, to top it all off, let's not lie now, you're going to get a lot of wear out of these bad-boys!  

What's your favourite item from this sensational mouth-watering treasure chest?



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